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Aspergillus tubingensis growing on Czapek medium

Czapek medium, also called Czapek's agar (CZA)[1][2] or Czapek-Dox medium, is a growth medium for propagating fungi and other organisms in a laboratory. It was named after its inventors, Polish botanist Friedrich Johann Franz Czapek (May 16, 1868 - July 31, 1921) and American chemist Arthur Wayland Dox (September 19, 1882 - 1954). It was developed to grow Aspergillus niger[3] and Penicillium camemberti.[4] It works well for many saprophytic fungi and soil bacteria[5] such as species of Aspergillus, Candida, Penicillium, and Paecilomyces.[6]

Friedrich Czapek's original recipe is as follows:[3]

Aspergillus fumigatus on Czapek agar

Arthur Wayland Dox added 2 g of sodium nitrate in his version, to provide a sole source of nitrogen that is inorganic.[4] This makes the medium a selective growth medium as only organisms that can use inorganic nitrogen can grow.[6] Czapek and Dox did not add agar but many recipes add 15 g to make a solid medium.[5][6]


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