Czarna Kopa

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Czarna Kopa
Svorová hora
Czarna Kopa is located in Czech Republic
Czarna Kopa
Czarna Kopa
Location in Czech Republic, on the border with Poland
Highest point
Elevation1,407 m (4,616 ft)
Prominence60 m (200 ft) from the range
Coordinates50°44′36″N 15°46′07″E / 50.74333°N 15.76861°E / 50.74333; 15.76861Coordinates: 50°44′36″N 15°46′07″E / 50.74333°N 15.76861°E / 50.74333; 15.76861
LocationCzech Republic / Poland
Parent rangeGiant Mountains
Easiest routepublic path marked red from Okraj

Czarna Kopa (Czech Svorová hora, 1407 m a.s.l., German: Schwarze Koppe[1]) is a mountain peak situated in the eastern part of Karkonosze on Polish and Czech border within the Karkonosze National Park on the Polish–Czech Friendship Trail. The peak area is exposed and windy.[2]


In the main range the very distinct peak is situated between Śnieżka and Okraj. The summit is entirely on the Czech side.


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