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Czech Bishops' Conference (CBC) is constant chorus of Catholic bishops of the Czech Republic. Based in Prague, and represents the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic, both Bohemian and Moravian province of the Roman Catholic Church and since 1996, Greek Catholic and Apostolic Exarchate, until vicariate. It was founded at the beginning of 1993, the date of independence for the Czech Republic, the successor to the Czechoslovak Bishops' Conference. Members of the Bishops' Conference according to canon 447 CIC: in conjunction perform pastoral duties in favor of the Christians in their territory, to achieve the greater good which the Church gives to people according to law, especially the apostolic action of suitably adapted time and place. Episcopal Church of the conference is a legal entity run by the Apostolic See, her character and activities are governed by the Code of Canon Law, canons specifically, 447-459. Episcopal conferences in various European countries covers the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE). Members of the Czech Bishops 'Conference of the diocesan bishops of both the ceremony (the Latin and Byzantine), and position them on an equal footing auxiliary bishops and other titular Bishops who throughout the territory or outside for the whole nation to perform specific tasks under a mandate from the Holy See or the Czech Bishops' Conference. The members of the Episcopal Conference of Bishops are not those of the former hidden church environment who did not accept the official Church Episcopal condition for public exposure or not it actually officially commissioned (see hidden Bishops of the Church) - the most famous of the still active is John Konzal.


The current vice-president is Archbishop Jan Graubner of Olomouc and the General Secretary is Monsignor Stanislav Přibyl.


CBC speaker function traditionally filled by a person who is not a member. In this capacity, he succeeded Daniel Herman, Martin Horalek, Miloslav Fiala, Irene Sargánková. Sometimes mentioned as a spokesman for the employee of the press center CBK Gračko George, in whose purview the website management, translation and editing of foreign news.

Collective bodies[edit]

Czech Bishops' Conference has the following authorities:

Permanent Council, five-member executive body, in 2010 it was composed of Chairman Cardinal Dominik Duka, Vice Chairman Jan Graubner, General Secretary of the CBK Stanislav Přibyl, bishop Jan Vokál of Hradec Králové and František Václav Lobkowicz.

General Secretariat

Economic Council

Commission established to the specific objectives, their mission is a mandate to prepare material for plenum CBC

Delegates-bishops, bishops authority to specific tasks, which can compile each delegate expert advice

The February 2010 CBK had six expert committees:

For the Doctrine of the Faith (3 members, Chairman Ladislav Hučko)

For the liturgy (3 members, Chairman Jan Vokál)

For the priesthood (4 members, the President Vojtech Cikrle)

For Catholic Education (4 members, Chairman Ladislav Hučko , each member is the chairman of one section)

Economics and law (4 members, Chairman Tomáš Holub)

Charity (3 members, Chairman Jan Graubner)

For matters of religious life (5 members, 3 bishops, President František Václav Lobkowicz)

The February 2010 provisions were bishops, delegates and expert advice for the following areas:

The media (Bishop-delegate uncredited)

For laymen (Francis Radkovský)

For the family (Vojtech Cikrle)

Youth (Pavel Posád)

For charity and mission (John Graubner)

For Health (Karel Herbst)

For spiritual service in the army (Vojtech Cikrle)

For ministry in prisons (Josef Kajnek)

For Roma, minorities and migrants (Ladislav Hucko)

For Expatriates (Peter Esterka)

For ecumenism (Francis Radkovský)

Iustitia et Pax (Justice and Peace) (Vaclav Maly)

Culture and heritage (Josef Hrdlicka)

For information technology (Francis Radkovský)

Bioethics (Vojtech Cikrle)

For cooperation with COMECE (Commission of the Bishops Conference of the EU) (Jan Vokál)

For pastoral occupation (Joseph Kajnek)

The head of the Bishops' Conference Secretariat Secretary General, member of the CBC. He shall be responsible to the Secretary, Executive Secretary, press center and professional sections. In February 2010, the Secretariat had specialized sections: Translation, economic, legal, religious education, catechesis, youth and pastoral-evangelistic.

Established legal entity[edit]

CBC is the administrator or other legal entities:

National Center for Family

St. Egidio Community

Work of Mary (Focolare Movement) - male part

Work of Mary (Focolare Movement) - female part

The St. Vincent de Paul in the CR

Mothers Prayers - a movement of Christian Mothers

Caritas Czech Republic

Czech Catholic Biblical Work

Beatitudes community in the CR

Fatima apostolate in the CR


Former members[edit]

Antonín Liška (from inception to the year 2003)

Jaroslav Škarvada (from inception to the year 2010)

Josef Koukl (from inception to the year 2010)

Karel Otčenášek (from inception to the year 2011)

Jiří Paďour, OFM Cap (from 1996 to the year 2015)

Current members[edit]

Roman Catholic bishops[edit]

Cardinal Miloslav Vlk (member since inception, in 1993-2000 chairman)

Jan Graubner (member since inception, in the years 2000-2010 chairman)

Dominik Duka (member since 1998, chairman since 2010)

František Radkovský (from emergence)

Vojtěch Cikrle (from emergence)

Josef Hrdlička (from emergence)

Josef Kajnek (from emergence)

František Lobkowicz (from creation) (Vice)

Václav Malý (since 1997)

Petr Esterka (since 1999)

Karel Herbst (2002)

Pavel Posád (since 2004)

Jan Baxant (since 2008)

Jan Vokál (since 2011)

Vlastimil Kročil (since 2015)

Tomáš Holub (since 2016)

Pavel Konzbul (since 2016)

Greek-Catholic bishops[edit]

Ladislav Hučko (since 2003)

Ján Eugen Kočiš (since 2004)

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