Czech League of American Football

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Czech League of American Football
(Česká Liga Amerického Fotbalu)
Sport American football
Founded 1994; 22 years ago (1994)
Founder Czech American Football Association (ČAAF)
Inaugural season 1994
CEO Lukas Baros
No. of teams 24 (5 in Divisions 1 and 2 respectively, 6 in Division 3, and 8 in Division 4)
Country  Czech Republic
Most recent
Prague Black Panthers
Most titles Prague Black Panthers (15 titles)
Official website CAAF Online

The Czech League of American Football (ČLAF) (Czech: Česká Liga Amerického Fotbalu) is a national american football competition in the Czech Republic. First held in 1994, It is organized by the Czech American Football Association (ČAAF).

Seasonal structure[edit]


Since the 2015 season, the ČLAF has its own Divisions

Division 1: Brno Alligators, Prague Black Panthers, Prague Lions, Příbram Bobcats, Trnava Bulldogs

Division 2: Ostrava Steelers, Pardubice Bucks, Pardubice Stallions, Pilsen Patriots, Prague Hippos

Division 3: Liberec Titans, Ústí nad Labem Blades, Bílovice Sígrs, Brno Pitbulls, Prague Mustangs, Budweis Hellboys

Division 4 east: Přerov Mammoths, Vysočina Gladiators, Šumperk Dietos, Ostrava Steelers 2

Division 4 west: Karlovy Vary Warriors, Znojmo Knights, Trutnov Rangers, Teplice Nordians


Regular Season[edit]

Divisions 1 and 2 uses a round-robin tournament system. Simillar to Divisions 1 and 2, Dvision 3 also uses a same round-robin tournament system.


A semifinal bracket as follows 1. vs 4. and 2. vs 3., deciding the semifinals winners advanced into the finals. Whoever wins the semifinals, the team must advanced into the championship game, the Czech Bowl. Divisions 2 and 3 also has the final game, the Silver Bowl and the Bronze Bowl respectively, while Division 4 has the same championship game, the Iron Bowl, as the ČAAF does that.

Other information[edit]

In ČLAF A, a team must have 12 minutes, 10 minutes in ČLAF B and 4x8 minutes in ČLAF C. All games use the International Federation of American Football [1] rule book.

ČLAF winners[edit]

Czech Bowl winners[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up Score
1994 Prague Panthers --- ---
1995 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 55–22
1996 Prague Panthers Ostrava Steelers 48–30
1997 Ostrava Steelers Prague Panthers 35-21
1998 Prague Lions Prague Panthers 29–8
1999 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 38–0
2000 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 15–13
2001 Prague Panthers Brno Aligators 35–13
2002 Prague Panthers Brno Aligators 52–14
2003 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 23–14
2004 Prague Lions Prague Panthers 13–3
2005 Prague Lions Prague Panthers 24–9
2006 Prague Lions Bratislava Monarchs 38–21
2007 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 28–13
2008 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 24–14
2009 Prague Panthers Prague Lions 24–14
2010 Prague Panthers Prague Black Hawks 74–0
2011 Prague Black Hawks Prague Panthers 32–31
2012 Prague Black Hawks Prague Panthers 35–34
2013 Prague Black Panthers Prague Lions 48–9
2014 Prague Black Panthers Příbram Bobcats 40–0
2015 Prague Black Panthers Příbram Bobcats 52–13
2016 Prague Black Panthers Prague Lions 10–9

Note: There was no play-off nor championship game of ČLAF A in 1994. The Prague Panthers, which swept the regular season, won the regular season championship.

Czech Bowl Statistics[edit]

Team Times Years
21x Prague Black Panthers 1995–2005, 2007–2016
13x Prague Lions 1995, 1998–2000, 2003–2009, 2013, 2016
3x Prague Black Hawks 2010–2012
2x Příbram Bobcats 2014, 2015
2x Brno Aligators 2000, 2001
2x Ostrava Steelers 1996, 1997
1x Bratislava Monarchs 2006

Czech Bowl titleholders[edit]

Team Times Years
16x Prague Black Panthers 1994–1996, 1999–2003, 2007–2010, 2013–2016
4x Prague Lions 1998, 2004–2006
2x Prague Black Hawks 2011–2012
1x Ostrava Steelers 1997

Silver Bowl titleholders[edit]

Team Times Years
3x Pardubice Stallions 2010–2011, 2015
3x Brno Alligatior 2006-2007
1x Budweis Hellboys 2012

Bronze Bowl titleholders[edit]

Team Times Years
3x Bílovice Sígrs 2012, 2014-2015

Iron Bowl titleholders[edit]

Team Times Years
1x Znojmo Knights 2015


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