Czech Requiem

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České requiem: Smrt a spasení ("Czech Requiem: Death and Redemption," Op.24) is a 1940 choral cantata for soprano, alto, baritone, chorus and orchestra by Ladislav Vycpálek.[1] It follows on from his earlier choral-cantatas Kantáta o posledních věcech člověka (""Cantata of the Last Things of Man" 1921) and Blahoslavený ten člověk ("Blessed Be The Man," 1933).[2]



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  2. ^ Nick Strimple Choral Music in the Twentieth Century 2005 Page 102 "Vitezslav Novak's most famous students were Ladislav Vycpalek (1882-1969), whose cantatas of the Last Things of Man (1921), Blessed Is the Man (1933), and Czech Requiem and Czech Requiem (1940) assured him a successful career;"