Czech Sport Aircraft

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Czech Sport Aircraft
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1934
Headquarters Kunovice, Czech Republic
Products Kit aircraft

Czech Sport Aircraft, s.a. (formerly Czech Aircraft Works) is an aircraft manufacturer based in the Czech Republic.[1]

In 2011 the company's aircraft line included the amphibious Mermaid, the SportCruiser and the streamlined Parrot, but by 2012 only the SportCruiser and PS-28 Cruiser were shown on the company website.[1][2]

CZAW manufactured Zenair's Zenith STOL CH701 aircraft under license until the agreement was concluded in December 2006.[3]


Today the company has two facilities, the main plant in Kunovice and Way Industry Inc in Slovakia.[1]

In 2009 the Regional Court in Brno, Czech Republic declared the company bankrupt.[4]

In January 2010, the company's SportCruiser aircraft was added to the Piper Aircraft line as the PiperSport under a licensing agreement. The stated plan was that CSA would still produce the aircraft and Piper would market it worldwide, as well as supply parts to customers.[5] In January 2011, the licensing agreement with Piper was abruptly ended with Piper CEO Geoffrey Berger saying "the company has a different business perspective and approach to the market than Czech Sport Aircraft". The PiperSport distributors then formed a dealer association to ensure the continued sales of the SportCruiser and support of both the SportCruiser and PiperSport in the US.[6][7]


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