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Czech Supercup in Andrův stadion.

The Czech Supercup (Czech: Český Superpohár) is an annual football match between the winners of the Czech First League and the Czech Cup, organised by the Czech Football Association. It is currently sponsored by Synot Tip and is therefore officially known as the Synot Tip Supercup.[1]

The match is held at the home stadium of the league champion.[2]

The first Supercup was held on 8 July 2010.[2]

Year Supercup
Czech First League Winner Result Czech Cup Winner
2010 AC Sparta Prague 1–0 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2011 FC Viktoria Plzeň 1–1
4–2 pen.
FK Mladá Boleslav
2012 FC Slovan Liberec 0–2 SK Sigma Olomouc
2013 FC Viktoria Plzeň 2–3 FK Jablonec
2014 AC Sparta Prague 3–0 FC Viktoria Plzeň 1
2015 FC Viktoria Plzeň 2–1 FC Slovan Liberec

1 Czech First League Runner-up competing instead of Czech Cup Winner, as the league winner won the Double.

Performance by club[edit]

Club Winners Runners-up Winning Years Runner-up Years
FC Viktoria Plzeň 2 3 2011, 2015 2010, 2013, 2014
AC Sparta Prague 2 0 2010, 2014
SK Sigma Olomouc 1 0 2012
FK Jablonec 1 0 2013
FC Slovan Liberec 0 2 2012, 2015
FK Mladá Boleslav 0 1 2011


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