Czechoslovakia at the 1948 Summer Olympics

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Czechoslovakia at the
1948 Summer Olympics
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
IOC code TCH
NOC Czechoslovak Olympic Committee
in London
Competitors 87 (73 men and 14 women) in 11 sports
Ranked 8th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
6 2 3 11
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
 Bohemia (1900–1912)
 Czech Republic (1994–)
 Slovakia (1994–)

Czechoslovakia competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, England. 87 competitors, 73 men and 14 women, took part in 55 events in 11 sports.[1]

Twenty-six-year-old Emil Zátopek won the gold medal in the 10 kilometre run on the first day (his third race at that distance) and became the first Czechoslovak athlete gold medalist. On the second day he added a silver medal in the 5 km run. Czechoslovak canoeists were also very successful (gaining 3 gold and one silver medal), Jan Brzák-Felix successfully defended his medal that he had won 12 years earlier in 1936 Summer Olympics with another partner, Václav Havel and Jiří Pecka won a silver medal using a 12-year-old boat from the 1936 Olympics. Boxer Július Torma won the gold medal in the Welterweight class, despite the fact that he had injured his left arm before the semi-final. Women's gymnastics team also secured gold medals, but this victory was overshadowed with death of their teammate Eliška Misáková, who succumbed to polio in London.


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Zátopek, EmilEmil Zátopek Athletics Men's 10,000 metres
 Gold Torma, JúliusJúlius Torma Boxing Men's welterweight
 Gold Holeček, JosefJosef Holeček Canoeing Men's C-1 1000 m
 Gold Čapek, FrantišekFrantišek Čapek Canoeing Men's C-1 10000 m
 Gold Brzák-Felix, JanJan Brzák-Felix
Kudrna, BohumilBohumil Kudrna
Canoeing Men's C-2 1000 m
 Gold Honsová, ZdeňkaZdeňka Honsová
Kovářová, MarieMarie Kovářová
Misáková, MiloslavaMiloslava Misáková
Müllerová, MilenaMilena Müllerová
Růžičkova, VěraVěra Růžičkova
Šilhánová, OlgaOlga Šilhánová
Srncová, BoženaBožena Srncová
Veřmiřovská, ZdeňkaZdeňka Veřmiřovská
Misáková, EliškaEliška Misáková
(awarded posthumously)
Gymnastics Women's team
 Silver Zátopek, EmilEmil Zátopek Athletics Men's 5000 metres
 Silver Václav Havel
Pecka, JiříJiří Pecka
Canoeing Men's C-2 10000 m
 Bronze Růžička, ZdeněkZdeněk Růžička Gymnastics Men's floor
 Bronze Růžička, ZdeněkZdeněk Růžička Gymnastics Men's rings
 Bronze Sotorník, LeoLeo Sotorník Gymnastics Men's vault






Five fencers, all men, represented Czechoslovakia in 1948.

Men's sabre
Men's team sabre


Modern pentathlon[edit]

Two male pentathletes represented Czechoslovakia in 1948.




Art competitions[edit]


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