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Czechs in Argentina
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The Czech immigration in Argentina began during the World War 1 and it was split in four periods. It is estimated that around 40,000 Czechs arrived to Argentina until 1970. Argentina has the largest Czech community in Latin America. Czechs settled mainly in Buenos Aires, Gran La Plata, Rosario and Chaco.[1]

Immigration Waves[edit]

There are four Czech immigration periods in Argentina. The first one is slightly before to the World War 1, the second one from 1920 to 1930, the third one during the World War 2 and the fourth one, the smallest in migration proportion, during 1990. During the first two periods, the immigration group was mainly integrated by workers and farmers motivated by economic reasons. During the third period, Czech political exiled arrived. They fled mainly because of Nazi regime in Central Europe. The smallest fourth immigration period is formed by different social classes and their immigration reasons are related to economic reasons and personal interests.

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