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D'Unbelievables duo, Pat Shortt as Garda Tom Walsh (left) and Jon Kenny as Garda PJ Moloney (right) on their debut on The Late Late Show in the 1990s in a comedy sketch called "Crimebusters"

D'Unbelievables are a comedy duo from Ireland[1] formed in the late 1980s by Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny in Limerick. Together they created characters which could be seen on every street corner and pub in Ireland. They toured extensively all over Ireland for almost a decade until Jon Kenny was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease in 2000. He has recovered and can be now seen in gigs all over Ireland. Pat Shortt meanwhile launched his solo career in the late 90s and was the main force behind the success of the RTÉ comedy series Killinaskully.

In December 2005, three of their past shows, "D'Video", "D'Telly", and "D'Mother", were released on DVD for the first time. The DVD was entitled D'Collection.

On 3 December 2010, the D'Unbelievables officially reformed and performed on The Late Late Show.[2] They reunited for a one-off nationwide tour from January to April 2011 titled 'One Hell Of A Do'![3]

Their performances and videos include[edit]

  • One Hell of a Video
  • D'Unbelievables
  • D'Video
  • D'Telly
  • D'Mother
  • D'Collection


  • 2011 Ireland Tour - One Hell Of A Do!


  • The Closer You Get
  • Angela Mooney Dies Again
  • This Is My Father
  • Saltwater


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