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Origin Kyoto, Japan
Years active 1983–1990, 2007–present
Associated acts
Website www.derlanger.jp
  • Cipher
  • Seela
  • Tetsu
  • Kyo
Past members
  • Kaoru
  • Shi-Do
  • Dizzy

D'erlanger (stylized as D'ERLANGER, believed by the band to mean "indecent temptation" in French[1]) is a Japanese rock band from Kyoto, formed in 1983 by guitarist Cipher and bassist Seela. While they originally played speed and power metal, after recruiting drummer Tetsu and vocalist Kyo they switched to an alternative rock sound for their debut album La Vie En Rose in 1989. Although it was on an indie label, it sold out and was reissued three times that year, earning them a major label record deal with BMG Japan the following year.[2] They released Basilisk in March 1990 and it reached the top five on the charts. However, in December the group suddenly announced their disbandment.

Despite their short time in the spotlight, they remain well-known and are considered one of the founders of visual kei.[1][3] D'erlanger reunited in 2007 and released the album Lazzaro, with a new harder sound that adds a gothic rock feel. They have since released five more studio albums and toured extensively, including several overseas performances.


Formation to disbandment: 1983–1990[edit]

D'erlanger was formed in December 1983 by Cipher and Seela on guitar and bass respectively.[4] Vocalist Kaoru and drummer Shi-Do, from the same high school, soon joined to complete the line-up. They had their first performance in May 1984 at the Osaka Bourbon House, when Cipher was just fifteen years old. In August 1984, Kaoru left the band and was replaced by Dizzy.[4]

They released 3 demo tapes by 1985, "Tonight", "The Birth of Splendid Beast!!" and "Blue". On October 26, 1986 they participated in an event at Meguro Rokumeikan, called The New Power Metal Audition. Which was organized by Mandrake Root Records to celebrate the first anniversary of the independent label. D'erlanger won the contest and the label released their single "Girl" on February 20, 1987, it was limited to 3000 copies.[4] They also appeared on the live omnibus album Hungry Days, with the song "Like a Beast". They then distributed another demo tape for free on February 22, it contained only "Sadistic Emotion".

On August 1, 1987, D'erlanger had their first one-man concert at Meguro Rokumeikan.[5] Soon after, Shi-Do decided to leave the band, he was replaced by Tetsu in October.[5] Dizzy then left the band in June 1988 and Kyo, who had previously played with Tetsu in the short-lived Dead Wire and in Saver Tiger, became their new vocalist on July 1.[4]

After their first show with Kyo on July 22, they went on their Sadistical Punk Tour.[5] While touring in 1989, they released their first album La Vie En Rose, with Danger Crue Records on February 10.[5] All copies were sold out just by pre-orders, so they released another press eleven days later. The album's sound was a drastic departure from their previous material, being punk and alternative rock instead of the speed and power metal they originally had. The band then went on the short Incarnation of Eroticism Tour.

The year 1990 started off with the band signing to the major label Ariola, at the time a sub label of BMG.[4] During their Ai to Shi to Koh-Kotsu Tour at the beginning of 1990, they released their first major single, "Darlin'" on January 24. On March 7, they released their second album Basilisk. They then started the Moon and the Memories Tour, during which they released the single "Lullaby -1990-".[5] The tour ended on October 31, at Koseinenkin Kaikan in Osaka.

Then on December 24, D'erlanger shocked their fans by announcing that they were disbanding.[5] On March 6, 1991, they released a home video and two separate live albums entitled Moon and the Memories... the Eternities Last Live 1 & 2. All of which were recorded from their shows on October 27 & 28, 1990 at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo in Tokyo.

On April 21, 1995, both their studio albums were remastered and re-released.

Reunited: 2007–present[edit]

On March 14, 2007, the greatest hits album and DVD Pandora was released.[2] Also released that same day on Cutting Edge, a sub label of Avex Group, was D'erlanger's first release of new material in 17 years, their third album Lazzaro.[4] On April 22, they played their "rejuvenation performance" entitled Bara Iro no Sekai - Rosy Eyesight at Zepp Tokyo, which was released on DVD on September 19.[5] On September 22, 2007, D'erlanger held Abstinence's Door #001, which was an event where themselves, Mucc and Merry performed.[4]

They released the single "Zakuro" on March 19, 2008. It includes "Love Anymore", which was first composed by Cipher when he was sixteen years old and included on the "Blue" demo tape under the name "Telephon", with new lyrics by Kyo.[6] The band released their fourth album The Price of Being a Rose is Loneliness on April 30. They then embarked on the D'erlanger Tour '08 -A Rose Insane- tour. The tour started on May 6 with the D'erlanger 25th Anniversary concert at the Nihon Budokan. Footage from this concert was released on December 10, as the Bara Iro no Jinsei -La Vie en Rose- DVD. D'erlanger held Abstinence's Door #002 on September 21, Inoran, Merry and heidi. performed. Abstinence's Door #003 was held on November 8, with the Underneath and La;Cen-zhow. performing. The following day was Abstinence's Door #004, where lynch., Sadie and the Underneath performed.

On July 25, 2009 they played in Taipei, Taiwan. It was the band's first performance in a foreign country. D'erlanger performed at the V-Rock Festival '09 on October 24,[7] the show was broadcast live worldwide on the festival's official website. They also held a gig in South Korea on October 30. The band then released their fifth album, the self-titled D'erlanger, on November 11, 2009. The album includes a studio version of "Easy Make, Easy Mark", a song they wrote and played back in the '80s.

On September 19 and 20, 2010, Abstinence's Door #005 and Abstinence's Door #006 took place. Head Phones President, defspiral and Girugamesh performed the first night, whereas Acid Android and Pia performed the second night. Each concert was streamed worldwide live on Ustream.tv.[8] Abstinence's Door #007 was held three days later in Taipei, with Taiwanese band Overdose and Korean Pia performing.

D'erlanger announced they would release an album entitled A Fabulous Thing in Rose, on September 29, 2010. It contains eleven tracks: 8 self-cover versions of songs from their first 2 studio albums, an English version of "La Vie En Rose", plus the new tracks "Everything is Nothing" (a song they wrote and played back in the '80s) and the instrumental "Adameve". It is available in two versions. The regular edition only includes the three "best tracks": "XXX for You", "Zakuro" and "Angelic Poetry" (which were selected from the three albums released after their comeback), and the "bonus track: "Dummy Blue (English Lyrics)". Whereas the limited edition includes the same three "best tracks", the three "bonus tracks": "Dummy Blue (English Lyrics)", "La Vie En Rose" and "An Aphrodisiac (Trance Rock Remix)", a special book, a 64-page photobook, a poster and more.

On December 13, it was announced on their official website that D'erlanger would be performing in Moscow, Russia at the XO-Club on April 30, 2011.[9] However, on March 29, after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11 in Japan, the band decided to postpone the show until a new date can be announced. This would have been the band's first concert in a European country. They once again returned to Taiwan, this time for a performance at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival on July 15, 2012. D'erlanger covered "Iconoclasm" for Parade II -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick-, a tribute album to Buck-Tick,[10] and participated on the album's tour Buck-Tick Fest 2012 On Parade on September 23.

D'erlanger released their sixth studio album, #Sixx, on May 22, 2013.[11] It was their first release since switching record labels from Cutting Edge to Warner Music Japan. They covered hide's song "Genkai Haretsu" for Tribute VII -Rock Spirits-, released in December 2013.[12] 2014 saw a continuation of the sixth album's tour, titled #Sixx-69-. Their next album, Spectacular Nite -Kuruoshii Yoru ni Tsuite-, followed on April 22, 2015. On May 2 D'erlanger began a nationwide tour in celebration of their 25th anniversary that finished on June 14 at Akasaka Blitz.[13] They also performed at the second day of Luna Sea's Lunatic Fest on June 28,[14] as well as at Angelo's annual Intersection of Dogma concert on August 5.[15]

The group released their eighth album, J'aime La Vie, on May 3, 2017. They also began celebrating the 10th anniversary of their reunion.[16] A tribute album to the band called D'erlanger Tribute Album ~Stairway to Heaven~ was released on September 13, 2017.[17] It contains covers of their songs by acts such as Dir en Grey, Hyde, Teru and Hisashi, and Psycho le Cému. D'erlanger then hosted and performed at Abstinence's Door #008 and #009 at EX Theater Roppongi on September 15 and 16.[17] The first included Angelo and Dezert, the second saw lynch. and Psycho le Cému perform, while D'erlanger performed with Hyde the first night and Kiyoharu the second.


The members of D'erlanger are credited exclusively by their stage names.

  • Ichiro "Cipher" Takigawa (瀧川 一郎, Takigawa Ichirō)guitar, backing vocals 1983–1990, 2007–present (→Body, Craze)
  • Tomohiro "Seela" Nakao (中尾 朋宏, Nakao Tomohiro)bass, backing vocals 1983–1990, 2007–present (→Fix, Vinyl, Atomic Zaza, No Stars Innovation)
  • Tetsu Kikuchi (菊地 哲, Kikuchi Tetsu)drums 1987–1990, 2007–present (ex:Rabbit, Dead Wire, Saver Tiger, Mephistopheles,→Zi:Kill, Body, Craze)
  • Hiroshi "Kyo" Isono (磯野 宏, Isono Hiroshi)vocals 1988–1990, 2007–present (ex:Runaway Boys, Dead Wire, Saver Tiger, Ba-Ra,→Die in Cries, Bug)
Former members
  • Kaoru Miyahira (宮平 薫, Miyahara Kaoru) – vocals 1983–1984
  • Tadashi "Shi-Do" Uno (宇野 忠, Uno Tadashi) – drums 1983–1987
  • Yoshifumi "Dizzy" Fukui (福井 祥史, Fukui Yoshifumi) – vocals 1984–1988 (→Strawberry Fields, Vinyl)



Live albums
  • Moon and the Memories... the Eternities Last Live 1 (March 6, 1991) No. 5[18]
  • Moon and the Memories... the Eternities Last Live 2 (March 6, 1991) No. 7[18]
  • #Sixx -Discordantly- (December 18, 2013) No. 117[18]
Other albums
  • Pandora (March 14, 2007, greatest hits compilation with DVD) No. 54[18]
  • A Fabulous Thing in Rose (September 29, 2010, self-cover album) No. 26[18]
  • D'erlanger Tribute Album ~Stairway to Heaven~ (September 13, 2017, tribute album)


  • "Girl" (February 20, 1987)
  • "La Vie En Rose" (January 1989)
  • "Darlin'" (January 21, 1990), Oricon Singles Chart Peak Position: No. 9[19]
  • "Lullaby -1990-" (September 5, 1990, cassette & CD contain different B-sides) No. 12[19]
  • "Zakuro" (柘榴, March 19, 2008) No. 26[19]
  • "Tonight" (1984)
  • "The Birth of Splendid Beast!!" (December 26, 1985)
  • "Blue" (1985)
  • "Sadistic Emotion" (February 22, 1987)


  • An Aphrodisiac (October 15, 1989)
  • La Vie En Rose (October 28, 1989, given by lottery at a Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo gig)
  • Incarnation of Eroticism ~Live at Hibiya Yaon~ (February 7, 1990)
  • Kid's Blue PYX '90 SPR (March 1990, sold with a magazine)
  • Kindan no Tobira ~Abstinence's Door~ (禁断の扉 ~Abstinence's Door~, October 3, 1990)
  • Moon and the Memories... the Eternities/Last Video (March 31, 1991)
  • Incarnation of Eroticism ~Live at Hibiya Yaon~ (May 23, 2001)
  • Kindan no Tobira ~Abstinence's Door~ (禁断の扉 ~Abstinence's Door~, May 23, 2001)
  • Moon and the Memories... the Eternities/Last Video (May 23, 2001)
  • Bara Iro no Sekai (薔薇色の視界, September 19, 2007), Oricon DVDs Chart Peak Position: No. 16[20]
  • Bara Iro no Jinsei -La Vie En Rose- (薔薇色の人生 -La Vie En Rose-, December 10, 2008) No. 36[20]
  • 13e Cross Intoxication (March 24, 2010) No. 63[20]
  • Deep Inside of You (September 28, 2011, DVD & CD) No. 25[20]
  • #Sixx -Flick- (December 18, 2013) No. 51[20]
  • Spectacular Nite -Kuruoshii Yoru ni Tsuite- Tour 2015 Final at Akasaka Blitz 2015.06.14 (Spectacular Nite -狂おしい夜について- TOUR 2015 FINAL at 赤坂BLITZ 20150614, November 4, 2015, Blu-ray & 2 CDS), Oricon Blu-rays Chart Peak Position: No. 19[21]


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