D+ (band)

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OriginAnacortes, Washington
GenresIndie rock
Years active1996–present
K Records
P.W. Elverum & Sun
MembersBret Lunsford
Karl Blau
Phil Elverum

D+ is an indie rock band based in Anacortes, Washington. Formed in 1996 by singer/guitarist Bret Lunsford and singers/multi-instrumentalists Karl Blau and Phil Elverum, the band is perhaps best known for Lunsford's droll vocals and witty wordplay, and a minimalist, ramshackle sound.


Full length LPs[edit]

  • D+ (Knw-Yr-Own / K Records 1997)
  • Dandelion Seeds (Knw-Yr-Own / K Records 1998)
  • Mistake (Knw-Yr-Own 2002)
  • Deception Pass (Knw-Yr-Own 2003)
  • No Mystery (P.W. Elverum & Sun 2006)
  • On Purpose (Knw-Yr-Own 2008) ("hits, rarities, and live cuts")
  • What is Doubt For? (Knw-Yr-Own 2008)
  • Destroy Before Listening (Knw-Yr-Own 2018)


Compilation appearances[edit]

"Clever Knot" on "Yeti No. 500"

  • "Pandora Balks" on Free The Bird: What the Heck Fest Sampler 2006 (Kelp Monthly 2006)
  • "Red White & Blue Lite" on Flotsam & Jetsam: What the Heck Fest Sampler 2005 (Kelp Monthly 2005)
  • "Why Oh Why Oh" on What the Heck Fest Sampler 2003 (Knw-Yr-Own 2003)
  • "Take You For Granted" on Shipwreck Day (Knw-Yr-Own 2002)
  • "Up and Died" on Remote Wing (Knw-Yr-Own 2001)