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David Bartimej Tencer, OFMCap (born on May 18, 1963 in Nová Baňa, former Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia) is the current Roman Catholic bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Reykjavík.

Ecclesiastical arms of Bishop Tencer


On 15 June 1986, David Tencer received the sacrament of priestly ordination for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Banská Bystrica. In 1990, Tencer entered into the Order of the Capuchins, and on 28 August 1994 he made his perpetual profession.

On 18 September 2015, Pope Francis appointed him bishop of Reykjavík.[1] On October 31, 2015, his predecessor, Pierre Bürcher, ordained him bishop in Reykjavík. His co-consecrators were the Apostolic Nuncio in Iceland, Archbishop Henryk Józef Nowacki, and ter bishop of Žilina, Tomáš Galis.

On 17 June 2017 a new Catholic Church was consecrated in Reydarfjordur in a ceremony led by Bishop Tencer. The church building was a gift from the Slovak Catholic Church. The church was built from wood in Slovakia, disassembled and shipped to Reydarfjordur where it was re-assembled. Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, attended the consecration.[2]


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