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Dâures Constituency (yellow) in the Erongo Region (dark grey)

Dâures (Khoekhoegowab for Brandberg)[1] is a constituency in the Erongo Region of Namibia. Its former name was Brandberg constituency, after the tallest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg. Its population is 10,184.[2] Dâures Constituency extends from the national road B2 to the Ugab River and has a radius of approximately 120 km.[3] The largest settlement in the constituency is Uis. It also contains the settlements of Okombahe and Omatjette, as well as the smaller populated places of Omihana, Ovitua, Odama, Okamapuku, Ozondati, and Tubusis.[4]


Dâures has been a United Democratic Front dominated constituency since 1992. Only in the 2010 regional elections, SWAPO took the lead for the first time with Ernst Katjiku getting 1,394 votes, 23 more votes than Apius Auchab of the United Democratic Front (1,371 votes).[4] Fredrika Gertze of the National Unity Democratic Organisation received 207 votes and Seth Angalie Manga of the Rally for Democracy and Progress received 195 votes.[5] However, in the 2015 regional elections the constituency went back to the UDF with Kennedy ǃHaoseb winning 1589 votes against Katjiku's 1390.[6] I was the only constituency won by the UDF in these elections.[7]

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

Apart from the B2 on which it borders, Dâures constituency contains only untarred roads. The main economic activity is agriculture.[4]


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Coordinates: 21°08′S 14°34′E / 21.133°S 14.567°E / -21.133; 14.567