Dæmos Rising

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Dæmos Rising
Cover of the DVD release
Directed by Keith Barnfather
Written by David J. Howe
Produced by Keith Barnfather
Length 1 episode, 53 mins.
Originally broadcast 14 March 2004 (release date)
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Dæmos Rising is a direct-to-DVD spin-off of the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was released direct-to-video and produced by the independent production company Reeltime Pictures. It is a sequel to the Third Doctor serial The Dæmons and the 1995 Reeltime video Downtime and is also a tie-in to Telos Publishing's Time Hunter range of books, another Doctor Who spin-off.

The DVD was also released as a Limited Edition which included an inlay autographed by Beverley Cressman (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart), Miles Richardson (Douglas Cavendish), Andrew Wisher (The Ghost), Alistair Lock (Composer), David J. Howe (Writer) and Keith Barnfather (Producer/Director).


Kate Lethbridge-Stewart responds to a message from ex-UNIT operative Douglas Cavendish to investigate a haunting.

Arriving at Cavendish's isolated cottage, she faces a demonic power her father had previously battled. Summoned by a future tyranny, a Dæmon is set to return to Earth. It is up to Kate and Cavendish to save the planet and its future.


  • Kate has heard enough stories of UNIT to not simply dismiss Cavendish's claims out of hand, but is still surprised and dubious, implying that she has not yet begun her UNIT career. This is further implied by the fact that she has not yet dropped "Lethbridge-" from her name.
  • Cavendish refers to UNIT having a top secret storehouse of alien technology in the suburbs of London, and that it contained crates of shop-window mannequins (i.e., Autons). The warehouse and its crated Autons were depicted in 1997's Auton. The warehouse would be later identified as the "Black Archive" and depicted in Enemy of the Bane before being relocated under the Tower of London before the events of The Day of the Doctor.
  • Among the UNIT relics which Kate finds in Cavendish's garden shed is a Cyberman breastplate.
  • Kate is physically duplicated in an attempt to dupe Cavendish. She is again duplicated in The Day of the Doctor.
  • Kate refers to her son, Gordon / "Gordy", who was introduced in Downtime, and whom Kate gave her father's middle name.
  • Kate's father, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, battled a Dæmon and the Master with the Third Doctor and Jo Grant in The Dæmons.
  • In the repeated mentions of Kate's father - including a recitation of his post-nominals by Cavendish—his eventual knighthood is never referred to, implying that he was created Sir Alistair sometime after this story.
  • A close-up of a calendar and Cavendish's exposition reveal the dates of the story as 30 and 31 October 2003.


Soundtrack release[edit]

Dæmos Rising - The Music
Soundtrack album by Alistair Lock
Released 14 March 2004
Genre Soundtrack
Length 37 min.
Label Reeltime Pictures

Music from this video composed by Alistair Lock was released on CD by Reeltime in March 2004.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Prologue
  2. Into The Woods
  3. The Statue
  4. The Only One
  5. The Book
  6. Incantation
  7. Manifestation
  8. Under The Stairs
  9. Ghost Story
  10. Seduction
  11. The Dæmon
  12. Broken Vessel
  13. Epilogue

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