Dédé Saint Prix

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Dédé Saint Prix
Origin Martinique
Genres Chouval bwa
World music
Years active 1972-present
Labels L P K SOUND / ANBALARI Publishing

Dédé Saint Prix (born 10 February 1953) is a French from Martinique, singer of traditional chouval bwa music. He has used elements of modern styles in his recordings, including tambour, hip hop music, charanga, ragga, son, zouk, kompa and rara. He has been performing for more than 38 years and has released at least 25 albums. He is also a composer and flautist. He taught music until 1991; since that time he has devoted his time to study and performance of Caribbean rhythmic traditions, with worldwide appearances.[1]

In 2012, he was made a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.[2]