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DejaClick Logo.png
Original author(s) AlertSite
Initial release August 28, 2006; 10 years ago (2006-08-28)
Stable release / April 8, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-04-08)
Type Mozilla Add-ons, Google Chrome Extensions, Transaction processing
License Proprietary
Website dejaclick.alertsite.com

DéjàClick is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that provides the ability to record and play select web transactions to monitor and/or analyze. This functionality is similar to website monitoring, with the exception that it monitors website transactions from inside the browser to simulate the actual user experience. The add-on was developed by AlertSite.

DéjàClick for Mozilla Firefox uses a proprietary feature known as TrueUser technology when generating testing scripts. TrueUser automatically detects and adjusts for dynamic features of Rich Internet applications, including cookies, caching, certificates, JavaScript and delayed user-responses. User activity is recorded and played back automatically. This allows for quick problem-detection and -resolution.

Each user can contribute and share scripts with other users via DéjàClick’s social scripting feature. Similar to social bookmarking, social scripting enables users to share pertinent information and increase productivity[citation needed]. Every DéjàClick script is saved as an XML file and can be sent to a select audience via email or by posting an attachment to an online community. DéjàClick also allows each user to annotate their scripts via DéjàNotes.[1] The user can add comments, instructions and detailed messages (or notes) to their recorded browser-session on a live website, as opposed to using a static screen capture. Messages can include hyperlinks, videos and images, providing users with the ability to document their feedback in detail. This helps to promote collaboration and enhance performance monitoring.[2]

The current version enables users to measure the uptime and performance of Web pages or sites built with Flash in real time, as well as providing full support for Ajax and JavaScript custom scripting. Enabled by TrueScreen technology, these enhancements ensure a great user experience by providing a comprehensive view of the web performance details[citation needed].

In addition to a freeware version, DéjàClick is available as a business transaction recorder[3] that uses AlertSite’s global monitoring platform. This feature provides detailed performance and availability measurement reports, along with the ability to support web testing and Internet server monitoring. Each user also receives a precise screenshot rendering of the error when and where it occurs on the site via DéjàCapture. Users can also annotate DéjàClick scripts. The transaction recorder works within the Mozilla Firefox browser and is compatible with nearly every major operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux.


  • one-button recording and bookmarking
  • toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • ability to track uptime and performance of Flash and Ajax web pages/sites
  • sidebar with replay results and property editing
  • status bar with record/replay status information
  • action and event keyword validation
  • overlay recorded pages with notes and annotations
  • optional AlertSite Business Transaction Monitor integration

DéjàClick Community[edit]

The DéjàClick forums are located here. Users can post comments and read responses within any of the subfolders.

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