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IndustryFood Supplier
ProductsBread, Viennoiserie, Cake, Savoury
A Délifrance restaurant in Hong Kong

Délifrance is a bakery company that produces "French style" bakery, savoury and snacking products in over 100 countries on five continents. It has been in operation since 1983. The sister company of Délifrance is Grands Moulins de Paris, which is a major French milling company and supplies 100% of the flour used in Délifrance's products.

Délifrance has 12 subsidiaries in Europe and the Middle East. Its restaurants serve "French style" baked products such as croissants, gâteaux, fougasses, pains au chocolat, brioches, crisp praline, and baguettes. Most Délifrance restaurants also serve beverages, coffee and pasta.

In 1997 Sembawang Corporation Limited acquired controlling interest of Délifrance Asia Ltd. In 1999, Prudential Asset Management Asia Limited (PAMA) Group Inc. acquired 100% of Délifrance Asia Ltd and took it private.

In December 2007, Singapore-listed company Auric Pacific Group Limited purchased Délifrance Asia Ltd from PAMA for SGD75 Million; Auric Pacific Group was privatized in 2017.

In the Philippines, Jollibee Foods Corporation operated Délifrance from 1995 to 2010, when both companies severed their ties. All former Délifrance restaurants in the Philippines were relaunched as CaféFrance, which was later sold by Jollibee to Euro-Med Laboratories Philippines, Inc.[1][2]

Délifrance ran several franchises in Malaysia until 2015, but as of 2016 all outlets appear to have closed without official notice.


  • 1978 — Délifrance invents the frozen parbaked baguette.
  • 1982 — Délifrance creates the Pariguette range (Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) parbaked bread which keeps for several months at room temperature).
  • 1983 — Délifrance invents the first frozen ready-to-bake viennoiserie.
  • 1985 — Délifrance introduces ready-to-bake viennoiserie products that prove and bake in the oven at the same time.
  • 1995 — Délifrance's launches its Provencette concept, Délifrance's "turn-key" solution offered for the catering market.
  • 1999 — Délifrance launches its "Eco-Products" range
  • 2000 — Délifrance launched the "Déliquick" bread range based on its "Thaw & Serve" concept.


Today, the Délifrance range includes over 1000 products including bread, viennoiseries, patisseries and savoury products.

Different modes of utilisation:

  • Thaw and serve - frozen
  • Part-baked - frozen
  • Ready to bake rapide - frozen
  • Ready to bake - frozen
  • Ready to prove - frozen
  • Gas packed

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