Dêmqog, Ngari Prefecture

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Dêmqog   ཌེམ་ཆོག་ is located in Tibet
Dêmqog   ཌེམ་ཆོག་

Location within Tibet
Coordinates: 32°41′40″N 79°27′45″E / 32.69444°N 79.46250°E / 32.69444; 79.46250Coordinates: 32°41′40″N 79°27′45″E / 32.69444°N 79.46250°E / 32.69444; 79.46250
Country China
Region Tibet
Prefecture Ngari Prefecture
Elevation 4,240 m (13,920 ft)
 • Total 150
 • Major Nationalities Tibetan
 • Regional dialect Tibetan language

Dêmqog (Chinese: 典角 ; Tibetan: ཌེམ་ཆོག་) is a small village in the Chinese-controlled portion of the disputed Demchok sector between China and India and is administered as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region by China. It lies a kilometer east, across a wadi forming the China-India Line of Actual Control, from the Indian-controlled village and border facility of Demchok or "New Demchok."[1]

The combined Chinese-Indian village has a population of about 150.[2] The village lies 22.7 miles east of Ukdungle (India) and 16.2 miles south of Lekong Yok.

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