Días de odio

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Días de odio
Directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
Release date
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Días de odio, literally translated as Days of Hate, is a 1954 Argentine film. It is based on the short story Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges.Días de odio is a film Argentina in black and white directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson scripted himself about the story of Jorge Luis Borges entitled Emma Zunz, which was included in the book The Aleph and first released in 1949. It was first performed the 3 of June 1954 and had as main protagonists Elisa Galvé , Nicolas Freguês, Raul del Valle, Enrique de Pedro, Duilio Marzio and Virginia Romay . The producer of the film was Armando Bó .


Emma Zunz, played by Elisa Galve, is a young girl rather lonely life, with few friends. When you receive a letter which tells him the suicide of his father imprisoned in Brazil starts planning his revenge against Plesner .Nicolás Fregues, a businessman who was co-worker of his father to whom he attributed the responsibility for the embezzlement that had caused his imprisonment and ruin of his family.

After obtaining work in the factory Plesner, Emma goes to a tavern frequented by sailors and prostitutes and has sex with a sailor played by Raul del Valle. then attends to the office of Plesner, who had asked him to receive that day for the holiday not worked at the factory, ostensibly to warn about a possible strike. Finding himself alone does leave the office to fetch a glass of water, take a revolver Plesner kept on his desk and kills him. When the police arrive alleges that her employer had said that day with a pretext and violated, so his deed goes unpunished as an act of self-defense.


  • Elisa Galvé as Emma Zunz
  • Nicolás Fregues as Plesner
  • Raúl del Valle as The Sailor
  • Enrique de Pedro as The Father

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