Dörgön Lake

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Dörgön Lake
Dörgön Nuur lake, West Mongolia, Khovd aimag, ovoo at the southern shore.JPG
Ovoo at the southern shore
Dorgon Lake, Mongolia, Landsat.jpg
Landsat image
Location Khovd Province
Coordinates 47°42′N 93°25′E / 47.700°N 93.417°E / 47.700; 93.417Coordinates: 47°42′N 93°25′E / 47.700°N 93.417°E / 47.700; 93.417
Primary inflows Khar Lake, Khomyn Khooloi (Khomyn Canal)
Basin countries Mongolia
Max. width 18 km
Surface area 311 km²
Average depth 14.3 m
Water volume 4367 km³
Surface elevation 1132 m
Dörgön Lake is located in Mongolia
Dörgön Lake

Dörgön Lake (Mongolian: Дөргөн нуур) is a saltwater lake in Khovd, Mongolia. It is a part of the Great Lakes Depression, being one of the remnants of a prehistoric lake. It has a salinity of 4%.