Dùn Aluinn

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Dùn-Àluinn (1912) by Iain MacCormaic (1860-1947) was the first full-length novel in Scottish Gaelic. It was first published in weekly serial form in the People's Journal May - September 1910. Iain MacCormaic had also published a novella, Gun d'thug i speis do'n Armunn a few years before. The name is sometimes anglicised as Dunaline.

It was closely followed by Angus Robertson's An t-Ogha Mòr, which had actually been serialised prior to Dun Aluinn's publication, and so vies for the position of first novel.

Plot summary[edit]

It is about the horror of the Highland Clearances, and the heir of a despotic landlord, Cailean Og, who is disinherited. The most interesting character is the kirk minister who makes a sermon about social rights. For a novel of its period, it is fairly cosmopolitan, and the action ranges to locations as exotic as gold mines in New Zealand.