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"Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlaman" Dúlaman has a golden yellow head

Dúlamán (Irish for "channelled wrack", a type of edible seaweed), is an Irish folk song.

The text of the song relates to the Irish practice of gathering seaweed for various purposes, dating from lean times when seaweed was valuable as a defence against famine.[1]

There are many versions of the melody that come from the Irish folk song tradition. Among the best known settings (both derived from the Scottish strathspey "Cutting Ferns") are those of Clannad, recorded on their 1976 album Dúlamán. Another melody was first recorded by Altan on their album Island Angel. An original musical setting of the traditional text of this song for choir was also made by composer Michael McGlynn. This song is featured in Endless Ocean: Blue World (Adventures of the Deep in Europe).

The song title was used in 2016 as the title for the hit Irish music & dance show called Dúlamán - Voice of the Celts. [2]

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