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Mk Giessen Stadt.jpg
Gießen with the Dünsberg in the background, Nov 2004
Highest point
Elevation 498 m (1,634 ft)
Prominence 194 metres (636 ft)
Isolation 14 kilometres (8.7 mi)
Location Hesse, Germany

Dünsberg is a hill slightly northwest of Gießen in Hesse, Germany. At 498 meters in height, it is the highest mountain in the Gießen and Wetzlar area.

On the southern slope of the hill, grave mounds were found from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Fortification systems of the hill are detectable from the Urnfield period (8th century BC). The outer ramparts of the hillfort had 14 gates. The Celtic settlement (oppidum) reached its height during the La Tene period (about the 3rd century BC).

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Coordinates: 50°39′02″N 8°34′50″E / 50.65056°N 8.58056°E / 50.65056; 8.58056