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Hellerhof Passage(Shopping Mall)
bus line

Hellerhof is a borough of the city of Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf-Hellerhof is in the far southeast part of Düsseldorf. It connects Düsseldorf with The City of Langenfeld, Rhineland an Monheim am Rhein. It is a young quarter, founded in the middle 1970s.

In contrast to its direct neighbour Garath,which consists mainly of projects, Hellerhof is socially in a far better social situation because there is much detached and semi-detached housing and only a few blocks of flats.

The name comes from an old farm, the Hellerhof (Heller's farm).

There is a commuter railway S-Bahn station and one bus line connecting Hellerhof with the rest of Düsseldorf.

Coordinates: 51°07′56″N 6°54′23″E / 51.13222°N 6.90639°E / 51.13222; 6.90639