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Church of Lohausen
map of Düsseldorf, showing Lohausen (in red) within District 5 (in pink)

Lohausen is an urban borough in the north of Düsseldorf, in neighbourhood to Stockum, Kaiserswerth, Unterrath, Wittlaer, the river Rhine and Ratingen. The airport of Düsseldorf is in Lohausen.

Lohausen was written mentioned first time in 1147. It was one of the seats of the Knights of Kalcheim (today: Kalkum). Lohausen was a farming settlement for a long while. In the 19th century an industrialist bought the Castle of the Knights of Kalcheim and created a park. After that, more rich people went to Lohausen and it became an exclusive place of living. In 1929 Lohausen became a part of Düsseldorf. The airport opened in 1927.

Lohausen has an area of 11.66 km2, but only 2,917 inhabitants, what means the population density is about 250 inhabitants per km2.

This article is based on a translation of an article from the German Wikipedia.

Coordinates: 51°16′51″N 6°44′12″E / 51.28083°N 6.73667°E / 51.28083; 6.73667