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Ludenberg is an urban borough of Düsseldorf. It borders on Gerresheim, Grafenberg, Hubbelrath and Rath.

Düsseldorf-Ludenberg An der Kaiserburg.jpg
map of Düsseldorf, showing Ludenberg (in red) within District 7 (in pink)

Until the beginning of the 19th century, Ludenberg belonged to the mayor's office of Gerresheim together with Erkrath, Vennhausen, Unterbach, Morp, Dorp and Bruchhausen. In 1852 the office of Gerresheim was divorced into Gerresheim-city and Gerresheim-countryside. So Ludenberg became an independent village with its own mayor. In 1909, Ludenberg became a part of Düsseldorf - together with Gerresheim.

Ludenberg has a lot of infrastructure, such including:

  • the race-course of Düsseldorf
  • the central psychiatrical clinic of the northern rhineland and
  • the traditional tennis club Rochusclub.

This article is based on a translation of an article from the German Wikipedia.

Coordinates: 51°15′26″N 6°51′51″E / 51.25722°N 6.86417°E / 51.25722; 6.86417