Düsseldorf Marathon

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Düsseldorf Marathon
The banks of the Rhine feature heavily in the marathon course
DateLate April or early May
LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
Event typeRoad
Primary sponsorMetro
Course recordsMen's: 2:07:48 (2013)
Ethiopia Dereje Debele
Women's: 2:25:25 (2018)
Belarus Volha Mazuronak
Official siteDüsseldorf Marathon
Participants2,496 (2019)

The Düsseldorf Marathon is an annual marathon race in Düsseldorf, Germany in early May.

Organised by Jan-Henning Winschermann (via rhein-marathon düsseldorf e.V.),[1] the race was first held in 2003.

The course runs through parts of the city and alongside the banks of the Rhine. It is a double-looped format and the route is generally a flat one.[2] Almost 3000 runners completed the course at the race held in 2010.[3] The race day also includes other events, such as a marathon road relay and over 10,000 people participate on an annual basis.[4][5] Some 14,000 runners took part in 2011.[6]

The race is a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and also the German Road Races group.[7] It is sponsored by Metro Group, a large international retailer based in the same city.[8]

The men's course record was set at the 2013 race, when Dereje Debele won with a time of 2:07:48 hours,[9] while the women's course record was set by Agnes Jeruto Barsosio in 2012, with a time of 2:25:49.[10] Kenya has been the most successful nationality in the men's race. The women's race has seen mostly Germans top the podium.

The 2020 edition of the race was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, with entries automatically transferred to 2021 and registrants given the option of obtaining a refund.[11]

Past winners[edit]

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Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2003  Gideon Koech (KEN) 2:20:45  Joyce Kandie (KEN) 2:55:44
2nd 2004  Carsten Eich (GER) 2:14:06  Dorota Ustianowska (POL) 2:39:41
3rd 2005  Alan Wendell Silva (BRA) 2:17:19  Luminita Zaituc (GER) 2:26:44
4th 2006  Julius Rop (KEN) 2:15:56  Luminita Zaituc (GER) 2:34:53
5th 2007  Bellor Yator (KEN) 2:09:47  Luminita Zaituc (GER) 2:29:37
6th 2008  Yaser Mansour (QAT)[12] 2:11:15  Melanie Kraus (GER) 2:33:36
7th 2009  David Langat (KEN) 2:10:46  Susanne Hahn (GER) 2:29:26
8th 2010  Iaroslav Mușinschi (MDA) 2:08:32 (NR)  Natalya Volgina (RUS) 2:30:47
9th 2011  Nahashon Kimaiyo (KEN) 2:10:54  Merima Mohammed (ETH) 2:28:15
10th 2012  Seboka Dibaba (ETH) 2:08:27  Agnes Barsosio (KEN) 2:25:49
11th 2013  Dereje Debele (ETH) 2:07:48  Melkam Gizaw (ETH) 2:26:24
12th 2014  Gilbert Yegon (KEN) 2:08:07  Annie Bersagel (USA) 2:28:59
13th 2015  Marius Ionescu (ROM) 2:13:19  Annie Bersagel (USA) 2:28:28
14th 2016  Japhet Kosgei (KEN) 2:10:46  Zsófia Erdélyi (HUN) 2:35:37
15th 2017  Robert Chemonges (UGA) 2:10:30 [13]  Doroteia Peixoto (POR) 2:31:56
16th 2018  Gilbert Yegon (KEN) 2:13:55  Volha Mazuronak (BLR) 2:25:25
17th 2019  Tom Gröschel (GER) 2:13:49  Anja Scherl (GER) 2:32:56


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