Düzce Province

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Düzce Province
Düzce ili
Location of Düzce Province in Turkey
Location of Düzce Province in Turkey
RegionEast Marmara
 • Electoral districtDüzce
 • GovernorCevdet Atay
 • Total3,641 km2 (1,406 sq mi)
 • Total387,844
 • Density110/km2 (280/sq mi)
Area code0380
Vehicle registration81

Düzce Province (Turkish: Düzce ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey. It is on the coastline of the Black Sea and is traversed by the main highway between Istanbul and Ankara. The main town is Düzce. There are ancient Greek ruins in the province.

Düzce broke off from Bolu province and became a province in its own right after a devastating earthquake in the city in November 1999.

The total population of the province in 2017 was 377,610.[2]


Düzce province is divided into 8 districts (capital district in bold):


Air pollution in Turkey is a chronic problem here.[3]

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