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Baltic Robinson: 2004 (also known as Jungle Star) was the fourth version of Expedition Robinson (known as Survivor in certain countries) to be filmed and aired in the Baltic region. The season aired from September, 2004 until December 18, 2004 and is based upon a format originally devised by the now-defunct British production company, Planet 24.

The central premise of the 2004 edition was the sole participation of celebrity contestants. Other changes that were made involved a filming period of 15 days (unlike the 30-day duration of preceding seasons) and the division of the contestants into two "tribes" through the use of a method known as a "schoolyard pick" (when team leaders interchangeably choose from a pool of people in order to form competing teams.[1])

Latvian finalist Dagmāra Legante (13 votes) eventually won the prize of €10 000,[2] prevailing over the Lithuanian representative, Renata Ražnauskiene (7 votes), and the Estonian representative, Koit Toome (6 votes). Legante dominated in the competition stage of the season, earning five of her votes from the challenges. In comparison, Toome and Ražnauskiene earned two votes and one vote respectively during this phase of the competition.

Finishing order[edit]

Country Contestant Original Tribe Tribal Swap Merge Tribe Finish
Eesti Kati Murutar
37, Tallinn
Elephants 1st Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 4
Latvija Ģirts "Ozols" Rozentāls
25, Riga
Elephants Eliminated by Kati
2nd Jury Member,
3rd Jury Member
Day 4
Lietuva Vitalijus "Cololo" Cololo
30, Vilnius
Eesti Eve Kivi
74, Tallinn
Tigers 2nd Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 5
Lietuva Edilija "Geltona" Šliauderienė
21, Klaipėdoje
Elephants 3rd Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 6
Latvija Regnārs Vaivars
30, Riga
Tigers Elephants 4th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 7
Lietuva Alanas Chošnau
30, Vilnius
Elephants Elephants 5th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 8
Latvija Aivars "Vilipsōns" Vilipsōns
40, Riga
Tigers Tigers 6th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 9
Eesti Kadi Toom
22, Tallinn
Elephants Elephants 7th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 10
Lietuva Liveta Kazlauskienė
39, Vilnius
Tigers Tigers Merged Tribe 8th Voted Out
10th Jury Member
Day 11
Latvija Alla Petropavlovska
44, Riga
Tigers Tigers 9th Voted Out
11th Jury Member
Day 12
Eesti Erich Krieger
43, Tallinn
Tigers Tigers 10th Voted Out
12th Jury Member
Day 13
Eesti Jaanus Raidal
41, Tallinn
Tigers Tigers Lost Jury Votes
13th Jury Member,
14th Jury Member,
15th Jury Member
Day 14
Latvija Kristīne Nevarauska
23, Riga
Elephants Tigers
Lietuva Stanislovas Buškevičius
46, Vilnius
Tigers Tigers
Eesti Koit Toome
25, Tallinn
Elephants Elephants 2nd-Runner-Up
Day 15
Lietuva Renata Ražnauskiene
25, Vilnius
Tigers Elephants Runner-Up
Day 15
Latvija Dagmāra Legante
26, Riga
Elephants Elephants Sole Survivor
Day 15


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