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D'Alegria is a Brazilian company specialized in manufacturing custom-made electric basses and guitars, all handmade with the best woods in Brazil.

5-string D'Alegria Defender JB Deluxe bass
6-string D'Alegria Dimension guitar


Basic models[edit]

  • Dart - 4, 5 or 6-string bass, presenting the Dart, A-Dart ("Acoustic Dart") and Double Dart versions
  • Defender - 4 or 5-string bass, presenting the JB and JB Deluxe versions
  • Dragster - 4 or 5-string bass
  • Discovery - 4-string electric upright bass (EUB), with piezo pickups
  • Dimension - 6-string electric guitar
  • Dragon - 4, 5, 6 or 7-string bass

Signature models[edit]

  • Defender TB - 4-string fretted bass, Trevor Bolder's signature model
  • Defender TP - 5-string fretted bass, Trae Pierce's signature model
  • Dimension JD - 6-string guitar, Jan Dumée's signature model
  • Defender JP - 5-string fretted bass, Jorge Pescara's signature model
  • Dart FA - 6-string fretted bass, Felipe Andreoli's signature model
  • A-Dart FA - 6-string fretless bass, Felipe Andreoli's signature model
  • Dart AN - 6-string fretted bass, André Neiva's signature model
  • Dynamo AG - 4-string fretted bass (short fingerboard, 32 inches), André Gomes's signature model

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