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VenueDundee University Students Association
CountryUnited Kingdom
AttendanceOver 2500 in last event (2011)

D-Con (standing for Dundee Convention) is an anime convention which is held in Dundee, Scotland. It is the UK's highest attended free anime convention.[1] D-Con is an annual event run around the end of February/beginning of March. D-Con showcases events for fans of anime, art and video game culture.


Poster by Yibao Gao outside of D-CON 2010

D-CON was founded by Kieran Baxter, Sarah Dargie, Yibao Gao and Jamie Keddie in late 2008. It first ran on 28 February 2009 and attracted 350 guests. This made it the highest attended anime convention in Scotland, followed closely in numbers by another Scottish convention, Auchinawa.

The second D-CON was held on 6–7 March 2010, where over 2000 guests attended the convention in the course of the weekend.[2] Video-gaming companies, Gamestation and Realtime Worlds, sent representatives to the event to give talks. An early showing of Final Fantasy XIII was also given in the gaming room.

D-CON 2011 saw a higher attendance again. A preview of the Nintendo 3DS was given as well as Kendo demonstrations along with many other events similar to the previous 2010 event.

A gap year was taken in 2012 with the president, Jamie Keddie, and co-founders agreeing to return in 2013.


The D-CON's list of events includes:[3]


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