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Origin Ireland
Genres Pop
Years active 2001–2006
Labels Polydor, Avex
Website dsideofficial.com
Past members Derek Moran
Shane Creevey
Damien Bowe
Dane Guiden
Derek Ryan

D-Side was an Irish boyband established in 2001, by twins Rory and Eoghan MacSweeney and they were signed to Edel Records. Edel brought in Kim Glover to manage the band after her success with New Kids on the Block, Ant & Dec (as PJ & Duncan), B*Witched and Let Loose. Glover secured their entry into Japan getting them a recording contract with Avex and worked with them until the end of 2004. They had some success in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Europe, winning 'Best New Band Award' at the Smash Hits Tour in 2002.

The band was made up of 5 members, Derek Ryan, Shane Creevey, Derek Moran, Damien Bowe and Dane Guiden. The band were a five piece group until 2002 when Bowe and Guiden both left for personal reasons. They have had three Top 10 singles in the UK, and have supported Blue, Westlife and numerous other bands on tour during 2003 and 2004, as well as being involved in Charity events such as Soccer Magic, Soccer 6, Children in Need and ChildLine. In 2006 D-Side took part in international contest "New wave" in Urmala. They released a total of three albums in Japan, as well as a greatest hits compilation. They were signed to the Japanese record label, Avex and managed by John Black at Black Gold Management. Derek Moran is now a Channel 5 TV presenter on Milkshake! and is managed by Kim Glover.


2001–2003: Stronger Together[edit]

Stronger Together was the title of the first album written by Red Rhythm AKA Simon Britton & Cliff Randall and Tara McDonald. It was released in 2003 by Polydor Records UK. The album was a hit in many countries, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and China. The album reached the Top 10 in those countries. The album contained five singles. The first single was titled "Stronger Together", and it was only released in Ireland, reaching No. 5. The second single was "Speechless", released in all the countries, and got some success in Europe and Asia. The single reached the Top 10 in UK Singles Chart (#9). In the other countries, it reached the Top 40. The third single was "Invisible", released in late 2003, and reached No. 7 in the UK. The single was also a hit in Europe and Asia, and the Top 5 in other countries, such as China, Ireland and France. The song was later covered by Clay Aiken. The fourth single, "Real World", was released in February 2004. The single was No. 4 in Ireland, and reached the Top 10 in UK (#9), France and China. The fifth and final single was "Pushin' Me Out", released in April 2004. It reached only No. 21 in the UK.

2004–2006: Gravity and Unbroken[edit]

Gravity was the second album from the band and released by Avex/Polydor. The group had become a trio by this time. The album peaked at No. 10 in China, but generated less interest elsewhere, only reaching No. 20 in Ireland, and landing within the Top 40 in France and Germany. The album contained three singles, but only one was released in Europe. The single "One More Night Alone" missed the Top 40 in France and Germany, and in China peaked at No. 27. The next single was "Sacrifice", a pop-ballad duet with Antony Costa, which was only released in Japan and China. The single reached No. 1 on the Chinese charts. The third single, "Who Wants the World", was only released in Japan.

Their third and final album, Unbroken, was released on 28 October 2006. "No One" was an unreleased track written by Bryan Adams.[1]


Studio albums[edit]

Album details Peak chart positions Track list
Stronger Together
  • Release date: 2004
  • Label:
[2] 62
  • Release date: 2005
  • Label:
271[3]  –
  • Release date: 2006
  • Label:
58[4]  –

Compilation albums[edit]

Album details Peak chart positions Track list
Best of D-Side 2004–2008
  • Release date: 2008
  • Label:
154[5]  –


Album details Peak chart positions Track list
Gravity – Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD
  • Release date: 2005
  • Label:


'Speechless' cover
Release date Single Peak positions Track listing
July 2002 "Stronger Together" -
  • "Stronger Together"
  • "Stronger Together" (Mark McCabe Mix)
  • "You Are Not Alone" (Acoustic)
April 2003 "Speechless" 8 - 9
  • "Speechless" (Radio Edit)
  • "Speechless" (Almighty Mix)
  • "Speechless" (Acoustic)
  • "Everyday"
  • "Speechless" (Video)
  • "Speechless" (Box Talk Interview)
July 2003 "Invisible" 5 - 7
  • "Invisible" (Radio Edit)
  • "Invisible" (Lifestylerz Radio Edit)
  • "Invisible" (Lifestylerz Dub)
  • "Fallen For You"
  • "Bring You Out"
  • "Invisible" (Video)
  • "Invisible" (Lifestylerz Dub Video)
January 2004 "Real World" 4 - 9
  • "Real World" (Radio Edit)
  • "Real World" (Album Version)
  • "Invisible" (Lifestylerz Club Mix)
  • "Real World" (Late Night Mix)
  • "Anything" (featuring Simon Webbe)
  • "Real World" (Video)
March 2004 "Pushin' Me Out" - - 21
  • "Pushin' Me Out"
  • "Tempted"
  • "Pushin' Me Out" (Bimbo Jones Mix)
  • "No Regrets"
  • "Pushin' Me Out" (Video)
January 2005 "One More Night Alone" -
  • "One More Night Alone"
  • "Leaf Upon the Wind"
  • "One More Night Alone" (Video)
July 2005 "Sacrifice" -
  • "Sacrifice" (featuring Anthony Costa)
  • "When You Wish Upon a Star"
  • "Sacrifice" (Video)
March 2006 "Unbroken" -
  • "Unbroken"
  • "Tokyo"
  • "Unbroken" (Video)


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