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Torbay Lifeboat D-788 on a shout.JPG
D-755 Leslie & Mary Daws
Class overview
NameD-class (IB1)
BuildersInshore Lifeboat Centre, Cowes
OperatorsFlag of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.svg Royal National Lifeboat Institution Some Independent lifeboats
Preceded byD-class (EA16)
In service2003–
General characteristics
Class and typeInshore Boat 1
Displacement400 kg (880 lb)
Length5 m (16 ft)
Beam2 m (6.6 ft)
Draught1.4 m (4.6 ft)
Propulsion1 × 50 hp Mariner outboard engine
Speed25 knots (29 mph)
Endurance3 hours
Complement3 or 4

The D-class (IB1) lifeboats are inflatable boats serving in the RNLI inshore lifeboat (ILB) fleet as well as a number of Independent Lifeboats around the UK and Ireland. Although they are known as the "IB1" at times, they are the latest development of the D-class lifeboat and as such are mainly referred to as a "D-class".

This class of lifeboat is one of the smallest operated by the RNLI, and they are a common sight at lifeboat stations round the coast. Unlike other members of the ILB fleet, the D-class (IB1) does not have a rigid hull. All others with the exception of the Arancia, hovercraft and all-weather lifeboat tenders are rigid inflatable boats.

The IB1 normally has a crew of three or four and is primarily used for surfer/swimmer incidents as well as assisting in cliff incidents where the casualty is near the water. The very nature of its work requires a swift response, and the IB1 can normally be afloat very quickly.

As of February 2020 the minimum crew for an RNLI IB1 was raised from 2 to 3. Some Independent Lifeboats have different crewing levels to the RNLI.

RNLI Fleet[edit]

Source: Lifeboat World Online

RNLB Amanda, James and Ben (D-642) based in Hayling Island.
Op. No.[a] Name In service Principal Station Comments
D-600 Metcap 2001–2002
Trials boat
Training fleet (D-600C)
First D-class (IB1)
D-601 Jenny Topham 2002–2003
Trials boat
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-601C)
D-602 Gilbert Goble 2002–2004
Trials boat
Relief fleet
D-603 Forever Forward Denise 2002–2004
Trials boat
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-603C)
D-604 Marie Turner 2002–2004
Trials boat
Relief fleet
D-605 Joan and Ted Wiseman 50 2003–2011
Training fleet (D-605C)
First operational IB1
D-606 Jennie B 2003–2012 Blyth
D-607 Spirit of Berkhamsted 2003– Happisburgh
D-608 Helen and Ian Tytler 2003–2011
Training fleet (D-608C)
D-609 248 Squadron RAF 2003–2011
Training fleet (D-609C)
D-610 Catterick 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-610C)
D-611 The Young Watsons 2003–2011
Burry Port
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-611C)
D-612 Dave and Trevor Jones 2003–2012 West Kirby
D-613 Jack Cleare 2003–2012 Swanage
D-614 Flo and Dick Smith 2004–2012 Trearddur Bay
D-615 CSMA/Frizzells 80th Anniversary 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-615C)
D-616 Amy Lea 2004–2012 New Quay
D-617 Henry Philip 2004–2012 Bude
D-618 Blue Peter VI 2004–2012 Cleethorpes
D-619 Blue Peter III 2004–2013 North Berwick
D-620 Edna May 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-620C)
D-621 Duncan Ferguson 2004–2013 Arbroath
D-622 May II 2004–2013
Relief fleet
D-623 Peterborough Beer Festival II 2004–2013
The Mumbles
Relief fleet
D-624 Spirit of the RLC 2004–2013
Sennen Cove
Relief fleet
D-625 John Charles Raybould 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-625C)
D-626 David Leslie Wilson 2004–2014 Montrose
D-627 Arthur Bate II 2004–2014 Conwy
D-628 Austin Burnett 2004–2014 Little and Broad Haven
D-629 The Shannock 2004–2014 Workington
D-630 Langley Muir 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-630C)
D-631 Spirit of Juniper 2004–2014 Littlehampton
D-632 Godfrey and Desmond Nall 2004–2014 Rhyl
D-633 Pride of London Foresters 2005–2014 Southend-on-Sea
D-634 Rusper 2005–2014 Rock
D-635 Semper Paratus 2005–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-635C)
D-636 Valerie Wilson 2005–2014 Newquay
D-637 Aldergrove II 2005–2014 Newcastle
D-638 Richard John Talbot Miller 2005–2014
Barry Dock (Boarding boat)
Now an RNLI Boarding boat. (BB-638)
D-639 Howard and Mary Broadfield 2005–2015 Berwick-upon-Tweed
D-640 Mabel Davies 2005– Relief fleet
D-641 Berwick-upon-Tweed 2005–2015 St. Agnes
D-642 Amanda, James and Ben 2005–2015 Hayling Island
D-643 Tra Mhor 2005–2015 Tramore
D-644 Philip Booth 2005–2015 Wexford
D-645 The Martin Jolly 2004–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-645C)
D-646 Hannahbella Ferguson 2005–2015 Larne
D-647 Barry Lazell 2005–2015 Shoreham-by-Sea
D-648 Spirit of Mortimer 2005–2015 Teddington
D-649 Dorothy Beatrice May Gorman 2005–2015 Bembridge
D-650 Helen Olive Palmer 2005–2015
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-650C)
D-651 John William Hirst 2005–2015 Torbay
D-652 Team Effort 2005–2015 Fishguard
D-653 William Hadley 2005–2015 Mablethorpe
D-654 Angel of Holyhead 2005–2016 Holyhead
D-655 Guardian Angel 2005–2015
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-655C)
D-656 William Robert Sanderson 2005–2016 Llandudno
D-657 Sally 2006– Lytham St. Annes
D-658 Sir Y Flint 2006–2016 Flint
D-659 Sir Godfrey Benbow 2006–2016 Howth
D-660 City of Leeds II 2006–2012
Redcar Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-660C)[1]
D-661 Jane Anne II 2006–2016 Wells
D-662 Eleanor 2006–2016 Sheerness
D-663 Duggie Rodbard 2006– Walmer
D-664 Puffin 2006– Burnham-on-Sea
D-665 Burnham-on-Sea 2007–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-665C)
D-666 Number not used
D-667 The Rotary Centennial Queen 2006– Anstruther
D-668 Colin Bramley Parker 2007– St. Ives
D-669 George Bearman 2006–2017 Exmouth
D-670 Harold Arnold 2007– Relief fleet
D-671 Sheringham Shanty Men 2007– Wicklow
D-672 Ernest and Rose Chapman II 2007– Burnham-on-Crouch
D-673 Christine 2007– Aldeburgh
D-674 OEM Stone III 2007–2017 Whitby
D-675 The Doris and Harry B 2007– Relief fleet
D-676 Leslie and Peter Downes 2007– Pwllheli
D-677 Jacky Hunsley 2007–2014 Redcar
D-678 Clive Tanner 2007– Barmouth
D-679 Grainne Uaile 2007– Clifton
D-680 Marjorie Wilkinson 2007– Relief fleet
D-681 Olive Herbert Two 2007– Fowey
D-682 The Essex Freemason 2007–2015
D-683 Tradewinds 2007– Fethard
D-684 Telford Shopping Centre 2007– Troon
D-685 Winifred 2007–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-685C)
D-686 Peter Downes 2008– Seahouses
D-687 The Western 2008– Ballyglass
D-688 Albert Wordley 2008– Horton and Port Eynon
D-689 Enfys 2008– Moelfre
D-690 David Young 2008– Relief fleet
D-691 Betty and Thomas Moore 2008– Selsey
D-692 Connie Dains 2008– Penarth 2021 privately owned
D-693 Mark Noble 2008– Tynemouth
D-694 James Bissett Simpson 2008– Aberdeen
D-695 The Pat 2008– Relief fleet
D-696 Anna Stock 2008– Weston-super-Mare
D-697 Stranraer Saviour (Civil Service No. 49) 2008– Stranraer
D-698 The Sheila Barrie 2008– Broughty Ferry
D-699 Daphne May 2008– Hastings
D-700 Bobby's Boat 2008–2014
Relief fleet
Relief fleet
Relief fleet
D-701 Henley Eight 2009– Withernsea [2]
D-702 Spirit of the Dart 2008– Dartmouth
D-703 Joseph Hughes 2008–2019 Craster
D-704 Myrtle and Trevor Gurr 2008– St Davids
D-705 Northern Light 2008–2012
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-705C)
D-706 Tigger Three 2008– Margate
D-707 Copeland Bell 2008–2019 Port Isaac
D-708 Jimmy Miff 2009– Dunbar
D-709 Elsie Ida Meade 2009– Cardigan
D-710 Charles Blankstone 2009– Relief fleet
D-711 Caird An Chuain 2009– Courtown
D-712 Christine 2009– Minehead
D-713 Nigel Martin Spender 2009– Port Talbot
D-714 Jean Ryall 2010–2011
South Broads
Relief fleet
D-715 Leicester Tiger 2010– Relief fleet
D-716 Brian's Pride 2009– Portsmouth
D-717 Deborah Brown II 2009– Ilfracombe
D-718 Catherine 2009– Kipford
D-719 Mary Elizabeth Barnes 9th Nov 2009–23rd Feb 2021
ynemouth (Boarding boat)
Now an RNLI Boarding boat. (BB-719)
D-720 Norma and Bill Burleigh 2009– Relief fleet
D-721 Windsor Spirit 2009– Bridlington
D-722 Margaret Mary Timpany 2009– Morecombe
D-723 Damarkand IV 2009– Clacton-on-Sea
D-724 John Wesley Hillard III 2009– Scarborough
D-725 Kenneth R. Easter 2010–2015
Relief fleet
Training fleet (D-725C)
D-726 Bradley and Sonia 2010– Fenit
D-727 Georgina Taylor 2009– Tenby
D-728 Braund 2010– Filey
D-729 Eileen Mary George 2010– Blackpool
D-730 Constance Green 2010– Relief fleet
D-731 Réalt na Mara 2010– Dún Laoghaire
D-732 Basil Eric Brooks 2010– Blackpool
D-733 Vision of Tamworth 2010– Barrow-in-Furness
D-734 Spirit of Leicester 2010– Cromer
D-735 Bill and John Cama 2010–2014
Relief fleet
Relief fleet
D-736 Mildred Holcroft 2010– Amble
D-737 Alistair Greenless 2010– Campbeltown
D-738 David Roulston (Civil Service No. 52) 2010– Port Rush
D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV 2010–2016 Skegness Sunk on 20 May 2016 after catching fire[3]
D-740 Ole Schroder 2010– Relief fleet
D-741 Ollie Naismith 2010– Looe
D-742 Spirit of Leicester 2010– Port St. Mary
D-743 Olwen and Tom 2010– Teddington
D-744 Lawrence and Percy Hobbs 2011– Eastbourne
D-745 My Way 2011–2015
Relief fleet
D-746 Alan and Amy 2011– Blyth
D-747 My Jo 2011– Sunderland
D-748 Willett 2011– Calshot
D-749 Diane Hilary 2012– Burry Port
D-750 Yeoman of the Guard 2012– Relief fleet
D-751 Seahorse 2012– West Kirby Ex. Dave and Mary
D-752 Phil and Jack 2012– Swanage
D-753 Clive and Imelda Rawlings 2012– Trearrdur Bay
D-754 Audrey LJ 2012– New Quay
D-755 Peggy D 2012– Relief fleet
D-756 George Bird 2012– Bude
D-757 James Burgess II 2012– Cleethorpes
D-758 Evelyn M 2013– North Berwick
D-759 Robert Fergusson 2013– Arbroath
D-760 Geoffrey Scott 2013– Borth
D-761 Mark Lott 2013– The Mumbles
D-762 M + P Anderson Vick 2013– Relief fleet
D-763 Amy Brown 2013– Sennen Cove
D-764 Nigel A Kennedy 2014– Montrose
D-765 May-Bob 2014– Conwy
D-766 Jack & Edith May 2014– Little and Broad Haven
D-767 John F. Mortimer 2014– Workington
D-768 Robleen 2014– Relief fleet
D-769 Ray of Hope 2014– Littlehampton
D-770 Mary Maxwell 2014– Rhyl
D-771 William Henderson 2014– Southend-on-Sea
D-772 Rusper II 2014– Rock
D-773 Enid Mary 2014– Newquay
D-774 Arthur Hamilton 2014– Relief fleet
D-775 Eliza 2014– Newcastle
D-776 SuperG II 2015– Angle
D-777 Vi and Charles Hogbin 2015– Berwick-upon-Tweed
D-778 Norman Harvey 2015– Bembridge
D-779 Jacob 2015– Hayling Island
D-780 Hicks' Help 2015– Relief fleet
D-781 Isabella Purchase 2015– Tramore
D-782 Alfred William Newman 2015– Wexford
D-783 Terry 2015– Larne
D-784 Joan Woodland 2015– Shoreham Harbour
D-785 Peter Saw 2015– Teddington
D-786 Eileen May Loach-Thomas 2015– Redcar
D-787 XKalibur 2015– St Agnes
D-788 Leslie & Mary Daws 2015– Torbay
D-789 Edward Arthur Richardson 2015– Fishguard
D-790 Stanley Whiteley Chadwick 2015– Mablethorpe
D-791 Mary & Archie Hooper 2016– Holyhead
D-792 Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass 2016– Relief fleet
D-793 Dr Barbara Saunderson 2016– Llandudno
D-794 Duggie Rodbard II 2016– Walmer
D-795 The Lady Barbarae 2016– Flint
D-796 Aideen Cresswell 2016– Howth
D-797 Peter Wilcox 2016– Wells
D-798 John Wickens 2016–2021
Relief fleet
Walton & Frinton Boarding Boat
D-799 Buster 2016– Sheerness
D-800 Moam 2016– Lytham St Annes
D-801 Burnham Reach 2016– Burnham-on-Sea
D-802 Akira 2016– Anstruther
D-803 Donald Dean 2016– St Ives
D-804 Gladdys Maud Burton 2017– Relief fleet
D-805 George Bearman II 2017- Exmouth
D-806 Dennis-Audrey 2017- Wicklow
D-807 David and Barbara Chapman 2017- Burnham-on-Crouch
D-808 Susan Scott 2017- Aldeburgh
D-809 Eric Howland 2017- Relief fleet
D-810 Warter Priory 2017- Whitby
D-811 Robert J. Wright 2017- Pwlleli
D-812 Elaine McLeod Scott 2017- Relief fleet
D-813 Russell Pickering 2017- Happisburgh
D-814 Craig Steadman 2017- Barmouth
D-815 Celia Mary 2017- Clifden
D-816 Eileen Murphy 2017- Relief Fleet
D-817 Olive Mary 2017- Fowey
D-818 Len Thorne GM DFC 2018- Southend-on-Sea
D-819 Noamh Dubhan 2018- Fethard
D-820 Frances Mary Corscadden 2018- Barry Dock
D-821 Sheena 2018- Troon
D-822 Spirit of Penarth II 2018- Penarth
D-823 Clan Lir 2018- Ballyglass
D-824 Barbara Jane 2018- Horton and Port Eynon
D-825 Enfys 2 2018- Moelfre
D-826 Barbara Anne Bennett 2018- Relief Fleet
D-827 Flt Lt John Buckley RAF 2018- Selsey [4]
D-828 Grace Darling 2018- Seahouses
D-829 Little Susie 2018- Tynemouth
D-830 Bouy Woody-85 2018- Aberdeen
D-831 Reflief Fleet
D-832 Adrian Beaumont 2018- Weston-super-Mare
D-833 Sheila Macdonald 2018- Stranraer
D-834 Oor Lifesaver 2019- Broughty Ferry
D-835 Richard Francis 2019- Hastings
D-836 Marjorie Boneham 2019- Relief Fleet
D-837 Mary Beal 2019- Withensea
D-838 Dudley Jane 2019- Dart
D-839 SKPR James Ballard RNVRD 2019- Craster
D-840 St Davids
D-841 Margate
D-842 Skegness
D-843 Pride of Port Isaac (Goeth Porthusek) 2019- Port Isaac
D-844 Dunbar
D-845 Cardigan
D-846 Courtown
D-847 Minehead
D-848 Port Talbot
D-849 Clacton On Sea
D-850 Portsmouth
  1. ^ Op. No. is the RNLI's Operational Number of the boat.


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