D-xylose reductase

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D-xylose reductase
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D-xylose reductase (EC, XylR, XyrA, msXR, dsXR, monospecific xylose reductase, dual specific xylose reductase, NAD(P)H-dependent xylose reductase, xylose reductase) is an enzyme with systematic name xylitol:NAD(P)+ oxidoreductase.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

xylitol + NAD(P)+ D-xylose + NAD(P)H + H+

Xylose reductase catalyses the initial reaction in the xylose utilization pathway, the NAD(P)H dependent reduction of xylose to xylitol.


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