D.N.A. (John Foxx album)

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Studio album by
LabelMetamatic Records
ProducerJohn Foxx
John Foxx chronology
The Quiet Man
B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica)

Released in 2010, D.N.A. is a CD/DVD set of music and video collaborations between John Foxx and some of his favorite filmmakers, including Karborn, Macoto Tzeka, Ian Emes, Jonathan Barnbrook and Steve D'Augostino.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Maybe Tomorrow (3:58)
  2. Kaiyagura (4:02)
  3. City of Mirage (7:34)
  4. Flightpath Tegel (4:07)
  5. Violet Bloom (4:10)
  6. Phantom Lover (4:48)
  7. A Secret Life 7 (2:39)
  8. A Secret Life 2 (9:37)
  9. Over the Mirage (4:56)

All tracks written by John Foxx except Violet Bloom written by D'Agostino & Foxx, A Secret Life 7 and A Secret Life 2 written by D'Agostino, Foxx & Jansen, and Over the Mirage written by Budd, Foxx & Garcia.


  1. Maybe Tomorrow (by Karborn)
  2. Violet Bloom (by Steve D'Augustino)
  3. Flightpath Tegel (by Ian Emes)
  4. A Secret Life 2 (by Ian Emes)
  5. City of Mirage (by Macoto Tezka)
  6. Kaiyagura (by Macoto Tezka)
  7. Over the Mirage (by Macoto Tezka)
  8. A Half-Remembered Sentence from The Quiet Man (by Jonathan Barnbrook)
  9. Clicktrack (by Jonathan Barnbrook)


  • John Foxx
  • Steve D'Augostino
  • Karborn
  • Macoto Tzeka
  • Jonathan Barnbrook
  • Ian Emes