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D.V. Rogers 2010

D.V. Rogers (born New Zealand, 1968) is the installation-based performance artist-engineer behind the machine earthwork Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork [1][2] (PIEQF) which took place in the central Californian town of Parkfield during 2008.

Rogers works between the fields of geophysiology, cultural theory, conceptual art, resilience, performance, architecture, engineering and social commentary. He graduated from the College of fine arts (UNSW) in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Media Arts. Rogers completed a Masters of Fine Arts by Research (MFA) based on the PIEQF seismic earthwork at the same institution during 2010.

Rogers was a member of the Sydney-based performance action collective Post Arrivalists (1991-1995). He has collaborated with machine artist-engineers Triclops International between 1996-2000. It was during this time Rogers began re-engineering an earthquake shake table which was presented as Seismonitor [3] at Artspace, Sydney, Australia, 2002.

During 2007-2008 he was artist in residence at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. According to Rogers his work with seismology in Parkfield, "Was a conceptual intervention within geological time. Collaborating with USGS scientists has enabled a linkage between earth science and art, enabling a vehicle to broaden and expand the reach of earthquake awareness, education and preparedness for the people of California using a contemporary cultural model."[4]

In 2010, Rogers unsuccessfully attempted to present the work LAMoves in the location of Pershing Square, Los Angeles. The project attempted to highlight self-reliance and earthquake preparedness and awareness. Ten days before the work was to be installed, a cost prohibitive city permit fee[5] prevented LAMoves from happening.

Demonstrating themes of individual responsibility as social preparedness, Rogers performed DISASTR Hotel at the University of Sydney during April 2011. "Rogers was concerned with enacting “a symbolic field test,” demonstrating how DIY open hardware structures already exist as viable transitional responses that could be set up in present-day disaster zones."[6] DISASTR Hotel was based on the Hexayurt open hardware, disaster relief shelter system.

During 2012 Rogers was artist in residence at the Allosphere Research Facility at UC Santa Barbara. This research was funded by the Australia Council for the Arts Music Board to concept design Inner Earth Interpreter,[7] an immersive auditory visualised seismic data display engine for AlloSystem.

In 2013, while studying the Mercalli intensity scale, Rogers designed Moment Magnitude Scale Color Schema, [8] this seismic color intensity scale was used in the development of Earth Light Seat,[9]Newtown, Australia. A geologically interactive, urban intervention of seismic light was interfaced with real-time reported global seismic data.

Collaborating with founders of Materials and Applications, [10] Silverlake, Los Angeles ensued with the 2014 - 2015 presentation of DOMUS house, an experimental anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialized seismic sound and light. This DIY, base isolated earthquake resistant house, “created a contemplative space that will help people be more responsive to the larger biological and seismological environment.”[11]


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