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David Arthur Haycock (September 4, 1916 – February 25, 1994)[1][2] was a personal secretary to several twentieth-century presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), including George Albert Smith, Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball and Ezra Taft Benson.

As secretary, Haycock handled most of the correspondence and scheduled meetings for the church's president. Haycock also accompanied these leaders on their many trips throughout the world where he aided in the planning and note taking of meetings.


Haycock was born the oldest of four children to David Haycock and Lily Edith Crane in Farmington, Utah. He lived in various locations in Idaho and Utah growing up. He served as a missionary, mission president and temple president for the church in Hawaii. Upon returning from missionary service, he married Maureen McCellen and took a job at the Deseret News and was later appointed as George Albert Smith's personal secretary.

When McKay became the church's president, he retained his personal secretary, Clare Middlemiss, and Haycock was appointed as an assistant secretary to Joseph Anderson. He served as an assistant to Benson as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, then Haycock was called to serve as mission president in Hawaii.

Upon his return from Hawaii, Haycock again took employment with the Deseret News. Upon McKay's death, he became personal secretary to Joseph Fielding Smith and aided him in Smith's travels. Upon Smith's death, Haycock assisted Lee in his travels. Haycock took Lee to LDS Hospital when Lee collapsed from exhaustion and he was there when Lee's death was imminent. Haycock notified the other members of the church's First Presidency and Kimball, who as President of the Twelve would become church president upon Lee's death.

When Kimball's health made it impossible for him to travel frequently or leave his apartment, Haycock accompanied Kimball's counselor, Gordon B. Hinckley, when Hinckley would visit Kimball in his apartment. Haycock also read several of Kimball's talks when Kimball was unable to address general conference sessions himself. Haycock was a speaker at Kimball's funeral.

Upon Kimball's death, Haycock served briefly as personal secretary to Benson before Haycock's appointment as president of the Laie Hawaii Temple. He retired following his return from Hawaii in 1986.[3] He died at the age of 77 following complications from heart surgery in February 1994.[3]


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