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D.Dominick Lombardi

D. Dominick Lombardi (Bronx, New York 1954) is a visual artist, writer and art critic; the U.S. editor of dArt international magazine; as well as a curator. He was an art critic for The New York Times from 1998 to 2005.


D. Dominick Lombardi was born into the family of an Italian-American carpenter in the Bronx, NY in 1954. He worked in the family carpentry shop as a teenager.[1] He is a regular contributor for Huffington Post[2] and a curator for Galerie Protégé, Lichtundfire and Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City. He was a curator and a curatorial advisor for the Lab Gallery (2004-2006), producing over 60 exhibitions in three years with a cycle of 10 day exhibitions.[3]

Lombardi taught Life Drawing, Painting, and Beginning Drawing as an Adjunct Art Professor at Westchester Community College from 1988-2015.[4] His additional affiliations in the field included: Board Chair, Castle Gallery, College of New Rochelle, NY, 1996–98, where he initiated the first Westchester Biennial in 1998, a position he left later that year when he began writing for The New York Times; Member of the International Association of Art Critics, 2001–2007; and Art Advisor for Pfizer at Doral Arrowwood Educational Center, Purchase, NY, 1997–1998.[5]


Lombardi has been exhibiting since 1977[6] in various venues, for example the Stamford Museum in 1997,[7] the Stamford Branch Gallery in 2000,[8] the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in 2008,[citation needed] at Florida Atlantic University in 2009,[9] and at Artlexis in Brooklyn in 2009.[citation needed] Lombardi's art has been reviewed in various publications.[10][11]

Lombardi is known for the Post Apocalyptic Tattoo series which spanned the decade between 1998 and 2008[12] which culminated in two one-man shows. The first exhibition in 2008, was held at Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio, TX, titled “The Post Apocalyptic Tattoo: A Ten Year Survey”. The second exhibition was held at the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport, CT, opened in September 2009.[13]

In addition to his art, Lombardi has had articles been published in The New York Times, ARTslant,[14] Art in Asia (S. Korea), Public Art and Ecology (China), Art Experience NYC, Sculpture, Sculpture Review, d’ART (U.S. Editor), Art Papers, Art Lies, ARTnews, & magazine, Art New England and culturecatch.com among others. His reviews and feature articles for The New York Times appeared between 1998 [15][16] and 2005.[17] Also, Lombardi has curated a variety of exhibitions in museums and galleries across the U. S. including Monkey Spoon[18][19] and Anonymous[20] among others.


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