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D. James Goodwin is an American record producer, recording engineer, musician, and filmmaker, based in Woodstock, New York. Goodwin is known for his experimental and irreverent approach to recording. His discography includes bands and artists such as Bob Weir, Kevin Morby, Benjamin Booker, Craig Finn, Tim Berne, David Torn, Whitney, Wand, Kaki King,[1] The Bravery, Natasha Bedingfield, Devo, Matt White, Lapko, Mook (with actor, Paul Dano) Thursday, Murder By Death, Camphor, New London Fire, Donna Lewis, Pompeii, Kiss Kiss, and Stiffed (with Santogold). Goodwin works primarily out of his own customized recording and mixing facility, called The Isokon, in Woodstock, New York.

Goodwin is the primary member of his own groups Snowflake and Baltic. He is also the keyboardist and saxophonist in Ultraam, and drummer and guitarist in the band Camphor. Snowflake released its debut LP in 2013, entitled "We All Grow Toward the Sea". The record was written and recorded by Goodwin himself in all roles. In addition to production, Goodwin has written and recorded music for various television programs on MTV, Bravo, Discovery, and CBS, among others. His music has been featured on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, America's Next Top Model, The Real World, CNN Headline News, and many others.

Goodwin was a panelist at the 2008 Potluck Audio Conference (formerly the Tape Op Conference) in New Orleans. He also been featured in Electronic Musician, a widely read, internationally recognized recording technology journal. In April 2009, Goodwin's articles about "left field" recording and mixing techniques were published in Electronic Musician.

The Isokon[edit]

The Isokon is the name of Goodwin's private recording studio, located in Woodstock, New York. The facility was finished in Spring of 2010, and will be Goodwin's homebase for the foreseeable future. While the studio is private, it is occasionally available to rent out on a limited basis, when Goodwin is working elsewhere or away.

Known primarily for his quirky approach to recording, The Isokon follows that mindset. With a bevy of strange instruments and technical devices, the facility is installed in an mid century residential home, and set up in such a way that artists are made to feel as though they are away in vacation in the woods of upstate NY, surrounded by numerous instruments, toys, and manipulation devices, aimed at assisting Goodwin in making adventurous recordings, without worrying about the clock, or the time constraints of a typical studio.

Limited discography[edit]

  • Bob Weir - Blue Mountain - Sony
  • Craig Finn - We All Want the Same Things - Partisan
  • Whitney - Light Upon the Lake - Jagjaguwar
  • Kevin Morby - Singing Saw - Dead Oceans
  • Tim Berne - You've Been Watching Me - ECM
  • David Torn - Only Sky - ECM
  • Uni Ika Ai - Keeping A Golden Bullseye In the Corner Of My Mind - Zen Squid
  • Craig Finn - Faith In the Future - Partisan
  • Bobby - in progress - Partisan
  • Kelli Scarr - in progress - Silence Breaks
  • Rubik - in progress - Fullsteam
  • Matt White - It's the Good Crazy - Ryko
  • Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me - Sony
  • Devo - "Something for Everybody" - Warner
  • Trouble Andrew - in progress - Virgin
  • The Bravery "Stir the Blood" Island/Def Jam
  • Lapko "A New Bohemia" Fullsteam Records
  • Camphor "Drawn To Dust" Friendly Fire Recordings
  • New London Fire "Happiness Through Radios and Wires" self-released
  • New London Fire "I Sing the Body Holographic" Eyeball Records
  • Donna Lewis "In the Pink"
  • Thursday "Ever Fallen In Love?" Tony Hawk American Wasteland Soundtrack
  • Baumer "Were It Not For You" Eyeball Records
  • Kiss Kiss "Reality vs. the Optimist" Eyeball Records
  • Murder By Death "Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them"
  • Pompeii "Assembly"
  • Stiffed "Burned Again" Outlook Music
  • Electric Century "Electric Century" Panic State Records


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