D. M. Cornish

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D.M. Cornish
Adelaide, South Australia
OccupationIllustrator, writer
GenreFantasy, picture books

David M. Cornish (born 1972) is an illustrator and fantasy writer from Adelaide, South Australia.


Cornish studied illustration at the University of South Australia, where in 1993 he began to compile a series of notebooks: over the next ten years he filled 23 journals with his pictures, definitions, ideas and histories of his world, the "Half-Continent".

It was not until 2003 that a chance encounter with a children's publisher gave him an opportunity to develop these ideas further. Learning of his journals, she urged him to write a story from his world. Cornish was sent away with the task of delivering 1,000 words the following week and each week thereafter. Abandoning all other paid work, he spent the next two years propped up with one small advance after another.

Awards and honours[edit]

Awards for Cornish's writing
Year Title Award Result Ref.
2006 Foundling Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel Winner [1]
2007 Children's Book Council of Australia Older Readers Book of the Year Honour [2]
2008 Lamplighter Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel Finalist [1]
Thorn Castle, Giant’s Lair, Black Crypt, Wizardry Crag Aurealis Award for Best Children's Fiction Finalist [1]
2009 Lamplighter Andre Norton Award Finalist [3]
2014 "The Fuller and the Bogle" Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story Finalist [1]


As writer[edit]

Monster Blood Tattoo series[edit]

As illustrator[edit]

Standalone books[edit]

The Sunken Kingdom series[edit]

Cornish illustrated The Sunken Kingdom series, which was written by Kim Wilkins.

  1. Ghost Ship (2006, Random House)
  2. Tide Stealers (2006, Random House)
  3. Sorcerer of the Waves (2008, Random House)
  4. The Star Queen (2008, Random House)


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