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Damaraju Raghavarao
Born 1938
Died February 6, 2013
Residence United States
Fields Statistics
Institutions Temple University,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Alma mater University of Mumbai
Doctoral advisor M. C. Chakrabarti
Known for Design of experiments
Randomized block design
Incomplete block design
Block design
Group-divisible designs
Combinatorial design

Damaraju Raghavarao (1938–2013) was an Indian-born statistician, formerly the Laura H. Carnell professor of statistics and chair of the department of statistics at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Raghavarao is an elected fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, American Statistical Association, and an elected member of The International Statistical Institute. He has been specialized in combinatorics and applications of experimental designs.

Raghavarao received his M.A. in mathematics from Nagpur University, India in 1957 and earned the gold medal. He earned his Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Mumbai in 1961 for his work in designs of experiments; his Ph.D. advisor was M. C. Chakrabarti. Raghavarao was a professor of statistics at Punjab Agricultural University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cornell University, and University of Guelph before joining Temple University.

He died on February 6, 2013.[1]


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