D1 multiple unit

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D1 multiple unit
One of the newest D1s at Vorokhta station, Ukrainian Railways.
Prime mover(s)Volvo Penta (after rebuilt)
Coupling systemSA3
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in) Russian gauge
Not to be confused with DT1 multiple unit

D11) is a 4-car diesel multiple unit train built in 1960s-1980s by Hungarian producer Ganz-MAVAG for Soviet railways.


One of the rebuilt D1M DMU at Strășeni train station, Moldova

In 2012, Moldovan Railway and Electroputere VFU company in Romania started a complete modernization program for D1 units (as D1M), with most of the parts changed, including installation of a new engine by Volvo Penta. In addition, the refurbished units were equipped with air conditioning system, wireless internet access points, and disability access ramps.[1][2]


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