D2 motorway (Czech Republic)

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D2 Motorway
Dálnice D2
Route information
Part of E65
Length: 61 km (38 mi)
Major junctions
From: CZ traffic sign IS16a - D1.svg D1 near Brno
To: Diaľnica D2.svg D2 border with Slovakia near Lanžhot
Regions: South Moravian
Major cities: Brno
Highway system

D2 motorway (Czech: Dálnice D2) is a highway in the Czech Republic. It runs from the City of Brno to the border with Slovakia at the Morava river near Lanžhot, from where the Slovak diaľnica D2 leads to Bratislava.

Construction on the D2 highway began in 1974; the first 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) opened in 1978. The last part of the motorway opened in 1980, when it was 141 km (88 mi) long. After the 1993 dissolution of Czechoslovakia, 61 km (38 mi) remain in Czech Republic, 80 km (50 mi) in Slovakia.


Point Coordinates
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City of Brno 49°09′45″N 16°37′56″E / 49.162402°N 16.632129°E / 49.162402; 16.632129 (City of Brno)
Village of Starovičky 48°54′34″N 16°46′50″E / 48.909380°N 16.780531°E / 48.909380; 16.780531 (Village of Starovičky)
border with Slovakia at the Morava river 48°41′10″N 16°59′14″E / 48.686175°N 16.987238°E / 48.686175; 16.987238 (Village of Starovičky)

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