D4 motorway (Slovakia)

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D4 Motorway shield}}

D4 Motorway
Diaľnica D4
in operation in planning
Route information
Length: 3 km (2 mi)
Planned: 33 km (21 mi)
Major junctions
From: A6 A6 in Austria
  D2 D2 near Jarovce, Bratislava
To: D1 D1
Regions: Bratislava Region
Major cities: Bratislava
Highway system

D4 is a motorway in southwestern Slovakia. The planned highway is commonly referred to as the Bratislava bypass. Currently there is only a short stretch from Austrian border at Jarovce to the junction with D2 (part of the former D61), construction of which started in 1996 and was opened in 1998. There are plans to extend it to the motorway D1 between Bratislava and Senec in order to create a southern bypass of Bratislava, where it will intersect with planned expressway R7 as well.

Currently there are:

  • 3 km in operation
  • 30 km planned


The connecting motorway on the Austrian side, Nordost Autobahn A6 was opened on 19 November 2007. The highway connects the border with Slovakia to the Ost Autobahn A4. It provided connection to 3rd of its 5 neighboring country, until 2007 Slovakia was connected by motorway only to the Czech Republic and Hungary.[1]

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