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D58 state road shield

D58 state road
Route information
Length 43.0 km (26.7 mi)
Major junctions
From Šibenik (port)
  Državna cesta D8.svg D8 near Šibenik
Državna cesta D531.svg D531 near Vrpolje interchange
To Državna cesta D8.svg D8 in Trogir
Counties Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia
Major cities Šibenik, Trogir
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Šibenik, at the western terminus of the D58 road
Trogir, at the eastern terminus of the D58 road

D58 is a state road in the central Dalmatia region of Croatia that provides access from the A1 motorway's Vrpolje interchange to the D8 state road, facilitating access from A1 motorway to Šibenik, Trogir and surrounding seaside resorts.[1] The road is 43.0 km (26.7 mi) long.[2]

The western terminus of the road is located in Šibenik port, near an interchange to the D8 state road. At its eastern terminus, the road connects once more to the D8 state road which serves as a parallel road to the D8 between Šibenik and Trogir, connecting to Rogoznica and Primošten.

The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, a state-owned company.[3]

Traffic volume[edit]

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, operator of the road.[4] Substantial variations between annual (AADT) and summer (ASDT) traffic volumes are attributed to the fact that the road serves as a D8 bypass, especially during summer season congestions.

D58 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
Državna cesta D58.svg D58 5320 Vrpolje west 4,290 4,725 Adjacent to Ž6108 junction.
Državna cesta D58.svg D58 5406 Donji Seget 3,173 4,567 Adjacent to D8 junction (Trogir).

Road junctions[edit]

D58 major junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
Aiga watertransportation.svg Šibenik Port
The western terminus of the road.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Šibenik
Ž6106 to D33 state road through Šibenik.
Sinnbild Autoabzweig.svg Državna cesta D8.svg D8 to Vodice and Rogoznica.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž6108 to Jadrtovac.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Donje Polje
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Vrpolje
Ž6109 to Ž6091 county road.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Državna cesta D531.svg D531 to A1 motorway Vrpolje interchange - to Šibenik and Zadar to the north, and to Split to the south.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Čuklini
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Boraja
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Kneževići
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Ljubitovica
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Prapatnica
Ž6112 to Prgomet.
Sinnbild Autokreuzung.svg Ž6129 to Bristvica and Blizna Donja.
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Seget Donji
Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Državna cesta D8.svg D8 to Marina and Kaštela.
The eastern terminus of the road.