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DA Design Oy, DA Group's parent company
Forssa, Finland[1]
Key people
Sami Kotiniemi, CEO
Revenue7.7 million euros (2018)[1]
1.2 million euros (2018)[1]
Number of employees
61 (2018),[1] over 100 in the group[2]

DA-Group is a Finnish technology company which produces RF-electronics and software for the defense, space and industrial sectors. DA-Group is headquartered in Forssa, with offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku. The group consists of the parent company, DA-Design Oy, and several fully owned subsidiaries. The group was founded in 1995, and as of 2018 employs 100 staff. Products manufactured by the group include naval protection system SURMA.[3][4]


1995-2013 (DA-Design)[edit]

DA-Design Oy, DA-Group's parent company, was established in 1995,[2] and expanded partially through acquisitions; in the beginning of 2008, the company purchased Elektrobit Microwave's space business unit (originally Ylinen Oy). In the fall of 2009, DA-Design acquired Cross Country Systems Oy's defence sector and industry automation operations.[5]

2014-present (DA-Group)[edit]

In 2014, "DA-Group" was registered as the auxiliary business name to cover both DA-Design Oy and its subsidiaries.[2] In 2015, DA-Group purchased Hämeen Paino Oy from Sanoma Media.[6]

In the spring of 2017, DA-Group purchased a part of Microsoft's testing laboratories and equipment in Tampere, which had previously belonged to previously Nokia, offering accredited testing services for electronic and mobile equipment, with roughly 20 employees.[7] The company acquired an injection mold and precision mechanics business the following year,[8] and also purchased a Helsinki-based company, Surma Ltd, in late 2018. The companies had previously collaborated in naval and underwater technology solutions.[9][3]

In 2019, DA–Group and Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT–Elisra started collaboration on the production and marketing of Immune Satellite Navigation System (iSNS), used for protecting against GPS interference and jamming threats.[10][11] DA-Group also purchased Creowave Filters, which designs and manufacturers high performance radio frequency filters for special applications in defence and the mobile network industry.[12]

In 2020, DA-Group debuted their new Turso naval mine system at a Euronaval event. The system includes an MM30 influence sea mine and naval minelaying system, and algorithm development tools as well as training units for countermeasure divers.[13][14]


The DA-group defense produces electronic warfare self-protection test system Darad and underwater and marine defense system SURMA.[4][15] Its civil products include electromagnetic compatibility services and equipment[16][17] Its electronics used in space missions, such as Vaisala weather radars (low noise microwave synthesizer devices)[18] and the ESA and EUMETSAT program's MetOp-SG satellites (89 GHz receivers).[19][20]


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