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Digital Audio Control Protocol (DACP) is a protocol used by the iTunes and other audio player and server applications on Mac, Windows and Linux computers, enabling remote control by mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones and tablet computers. By connecting the personal computer to loudspeakers the mobile device is used as a two-way remote control, allowing selection and control of music playback within a traditional listening environment such as a home or apartment.


Compliant DACP clients can connect to any DACP enabled server. Clients are available for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

Apple Remote
Apple Remote[1] is the first DACP client created specifically for iTunes remote control.
CuteRemote[2] DACP remote control for Nokia Phones.
TunesRemote+[3] for Google Android is a fork of Jeff Sharkey's TunesRemote project. The project's goal is provide remote functionality for Android with similar capabilities as Apple's remote.
TunesRemote-SE[4] combines the DACP control software from TunesRemote+ with the graphical user interface from Firefly Client to produce an application that can control a DACP server from any computer running Java.
Remote for iTunes
Remote for iTunes[5] by Hyperfine Software[6] for Android lets users control iTunes via their home Wi-Fi network.
Remote for Windows Phone 7
Remote for Windows Phone 7[7] by Komodex Software[8] lets users control DACP servers from their home Wi-Fi network.
yTrack[9] is an iPad application developed by Fabrice Dewasmes that browses a remote DACP library and let users control it.
Name Platform Developer Status
Apple Remote[1] iPad, iPhone, iPod Apple Inc. active
CuteRemote+[2] Symbian and Nokia N9 Tero Siironen active
TunesRemote+[3] Google Android Google Code Project[10] active
TunesRemote-SE[4] Java Nick Glass active
Remote for iTunes[5] Google Android Hyperfine Software[6] active
Remote for Windows Phone 7[7] Windows Phone 7 Komodex Software[8] active
yTrack[9] iPad Fabrice Dewasmes[11] active


Compliant DACP servers can accept connections from any DACP client. Multiple compliant servers are available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes is the original DACP server and the specification was created specifically for iTunes remote control.
MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey
In 2009 Melloware Inc.,[12] released MonkeyTunes,[13] the first known "third-party" DACP server for MediaMonkey that is fully compliant with Apple's DACP protocol.
TouchRemote for Foobar2000
In 2009 Wintense[14] released TouchRemote,[15] a plugin (component) for the foobar2000 music player, implementing a DACP server that is fully compliant with Apple's DACP protocol allowing Apple Inc.'s Remote application to be used.
In 2011 Albumon, released a DACP plugin for their software AlbumPlayer which is a full featured jukebox player for the PC.
Telescope for Songbird
In 2010 Wilco[16] released Telescope[17] for the Songbird music player, implementing a DACP server that is fully compliant with Apple's DACP protocol, and a standard web service and mobile browser interface.
Rhythmbox for GNOME
In 2010 native DACP support was added to Rhythmbox after a Google Summer of Code project by Alexandre Rosenfeld.[18]
Name Platform Developer Status
iTunes Mac, Win Apple Inc. active
MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey Win Melloware Inc. active
AlbumPlayer Win Albumon active
TouchRemote[15] Win Wintense[14] active
Telescope[17] Mac, Win Wilco[16] active
Rhythmbox Linux Alexandre Rosenfeld[18] active

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