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DAESP - Departamento Aeroviário do Estado de São Paulo (English: Airports Department of the State of São Paulo) is the department of aviation of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. DAESP is part of the Secretaria de Transportes do Governo do Estado de São Paulo (English: Transportation Secretariat of the State of São Paulo), and is responsible for the operation of 20 public airports within the state, in accordance to directives from the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC).

It was created in 1963 as the Diretoria de Aeroportos (English: Directorate of Airports) of the Secretaria de Viação e Obras Públicas (English: Public Buildings and Transit Secretariat). This Directorate gave origin to DAESP in 1966.[1]

List of airports administered by DAESP[edit]

The following airports are administered by DAESP:[2]

Top 5[edit]

In 2015 those were the top 5 airports according to number of transported passengers, metric tonnes of cargo handled, and number of aircraft operations:[3]

Number of transported passengers[edit]

Metric tonnes of cargo handled[edit]

Number of aircraft operations[edit]

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