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DAFNE or DAΦNE (Double Annular Φ Factory for Nice Experiments), is an electron-positron collider at the INFN Frascati National Laboratory in Frascati, Italy. Since 1999 it has been colliding electrons and positrons at a center of mass energy of 1.02 GeV to create phi mesons (φ). 85% of these decay into kaons (K), whose physics is the subject of most of the experiments at DAFNE.

There are five experiments at DAFNE:

  • KLOE (K LOng Experiment), which has been studying CP violation in kaon decays and rare kaon decays since 2000. This is the largest of DAFNE experiments.
  • FINUDA (FIsica NUcleare a DAFNE), studies the spectra and nonmesonic decays of hypernuclei containing Lambda baryons (Λ). The hypernuclei are produced by negatively charged kaons (
    ) striking a thin target.
  • DEAR (DAFNE Exotic Atoms Research experiment), determines scattering lengths in atoms made from a kaon and a proton or deuteron.
  • DAFNE Light Laboratory consists of 3 lines of synchrotron radiation emitted by DAFNE, a fourth is under construction.
  • SIDDHARTA (SIlicon Drift Detectors for Hadronic Atom Research by Timing Application), aims to improve the precision measurements of X-ray transitions in kaon atoms studied at DEAR.

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